Are Padel Courts Noisy? The Answer From Experts

Padel has increasingly gained popularity because it is a comprehensive sport appropriate for people of all ages, skills, and abilities to improve fitness. 

For this reason, you can see numerous padel courts grow. However, these crowded playing arenas will cause a lot of noise for those nearby. 

Are padel courts noisy? Do you plan to invest in this field? It would be best to read this article first to ensure the noise won’t annoy your neighbors. 

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Are Padel Courts Noisy? 

The answer is Yes! Padel courts generate unbearable noise levels between 66 and 68 decibels, which is more excessive than the average level. 

However, many factors, such as time, duration, blocking objects, or location, affect the nuisance. 

According to the Dutch Noise Nuisance Foundation (DNNF), the time during the day will change the peak of noise levels. 

For instance, the highest noise level point can be 65 decibels from 7 A.M to 7 P.M and around 60 decibels between 7 P.M to 11 P.M.

That said, the average accepted noise level is 50 decibels if the court occurs for an extended period during the day (7 A.M. – 7 P.M.) and 45 decibels at night (7 P.M. – 11 P.M.)

Another factor determining the annoyance is the proximity between surrounding buildings and the padel court. 

Nevertheless, there isn’t a minimal-level distance to prevent annoyance rules specifically for padel. Thus, you can check the regulations for tennis because these sports are nearly the same. 

An open tennis field or facility must be 50 m or more away from a residential residence. The same rule applies to indoor courts. 

The government will evaluate who will directly suffer the annoyance when considering the consequences of the transgression of the permitted limitations.

Padel courts located far from the city center often cause less nuisance than the ones in a residential area.

For this reason, the authorities will adjust the accepted noise levels based on the specific locations of a padel facility. 

Generally, the government should put more protection and pay more attention to residential areas while zoning plans are being defined.

The padel court is noisy.
The padel court is noisy.

What Are The Average Noise Levels Of A Padel Court?

Padel courts typically create 66 to 68 decibels of noise on sports fields, but indoor courts often produce a greater noise level.

Even though indoor courts generate more noise, it doesn’t bother the neighbors as much.

For example, during the maximum hours, a club with seven indoor fields and an outdoor court may produce 68 to 70 decibels. 

Experts measure this value from the street when no sound-proof barriers are present in the facility. 

You can also measure maximum noise values with your smartphone, but these readings may be less accurate. 

That’s why experts use specialized tools to measure exact values. These devices have recording microphones, an amplifier, a built-in pre-amplifier, and software for data processing. 

You can use the decibels meter app if you can’t afford these dedicated tools. 

You can take measurements throughout a one-and-a-half-hour session at peak time when the court is fully occupied. 

You should perform the test at an indoor facility of 5 courts and the center to get the most accurate result. 

If the maximum noise level is more than 83 decibels, it is higher than the average level. It may be due to cheering.

The average noise level
The average noise level

How Noisy Is A Padel Court? 

Playing padel generally generates more noise than tennis or other games played on synthetic turf.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the maximum noise level for one year for recreational activities should be 70 decibels.

It is general advice, but studies have revealed that sustained exposure to excessive noise exceeding 70 decibels can harm your hearing.

According to research, tennis has a peak noise level of about 58 decibels. Loud shorts (58 decibels) are more irritating than soft shorts (52 decibels). 

The Dutch Noise Nuisance Foundation states that padel produces more than 10 decibels than the noise level of tennis. 

The average noise level from sports games on artificial turf is 58 decibels. This value should range from 42 to 44 decibels for most nearby residential homes.

That said, the specific level mainly depends on the location and other factors mentioned above.

How noisy is the court?
How noisy is the court?

Is Padel Tennis Loud? 

The short answer is yes! As shared earlier, a facility with seven courts may generate a maximum noise level between 68 and 70 decibels during peak hours without noise protection walls.

In this circumstance, this facility doesn’t meet the regulations related to noise protection in residential areas. 

Moreover, this sport also has a higher noise level than other activities, such as tennis or hockey.

For facilities located in residential areas, the best way to prevent issues with the neighbors is to utilize sound-proof walls.

How To Reduce The Noise At A Padel Court? 

Before conducting the practical solutions, it’s advisable to elaborate on the specific objectives to reduce noise for outdoor and indoor courts. 

For instance, you should use noise-absorbed materials for indoor facilities to lessen the nuisance for staff and players. 

Blocking or absorbing the noise can be helpful for outdoor facilities to reduce noise in residential neighborhoods. Let’s go over the following methods!

Determine A Suitable Location For The Facility

Because of the increasing popularity of this sport, numerous club investors and owners put their focus on building these facilities as soon as possible.

However, planning before construction has several advantages and can help to lower complaints. Build the facility as far from the neighborhood as possible. 

Use Sound-Absorbing Equipment

Acoustic screens, walls, or panels will reduce some noise in indoor spaces and improve the facility’s sound.

You can also use these screens to create an enjoyable space for your field by printing them to combine with other designs. 

Acoustic screens include a frame made of steel filled with materials that can absorb sounds, like rock wool or glass wool.

Tips for reducing noise at padel courts
Tips for reducing noise at padel courts

Final Thoughts

Are padel courts noisy? This facility may produce a maximum noise level of 66 to 68 decibels, which surpasses the average accepted level (50 decibels). 

Therefore, if you plan to invest in or build a padel court, you should focus on how to reduce noise, especially when it’s located near residential areas. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful! Thank you for reading!

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