Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Padel? Guides From Experts

If you are a big fan of squash, racquetball, pickleball, or tennis, you will love another racket sport, padel. What is it?

As its name suggests, players will use foam or rubber paddles with holes instead of rackets with strings. 

This activity is exciting. It’s suitable for people of all skill levels and ages since learning and playing are simple. 

Besides, it does not require much endurance and strength to play. So, finding other players to play with is easier as anybody can participate in the game. 

However, you still need to know its basic rules to master this sport. Can you hit the ball twice in padel? 

This article will explain this regulation and solve related questions. Let’s dive in!

Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Padel? 

The short answer is no! It is against the rules in padel to consecutively strike the ball twice. Your team will drop the point if you do this.

Instead, every time a player hits the ball, it must cross the net and drop inside of the opponent’s half of the padel court so that they have an opportunity to retrieve it.

Considering the facts mentioned above, you are prohibited from hitting the ball to your partner to strike it again soon after.

There may only be one player in control of the ball when it enters your half of the padel court.

As a result, if you hit the ball and it touches your teammate’s racket or body part before passing the net, your team will lose the point instantly.

If you or your partner hit the ball with your racket and it continues hitting your body parts, it’s a double blow, and your team will forfeit the point.

For instance, when you strike the ball, if you have to lean forward and extend, you will immediately lose the score if the ball hits your leg.

Furthermore, if you and your teammate strike the ball simultaneously, the umpire will count it as a double blow. Thus, your opponents will get the point.

Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Padel
Never hit the ball twice.

How Many Times Can You Hit The Ball In Padel?

You can only hit the ball once in padel. However, it’s not uncommon for players to accidentally hit the ball twice. 

For instance, the ball may touch your finger first if you hold your racket in a specific position, which is considered one hit. 

After that, the ball may roll onto your racket’s face and be struck again. It counts as a double hit. 

However, it’s challenging for the umpire, the opponents, and the spectators to detect this foul, so you may technically escape discipline.

When this occurs, many padel players may opt to admit responsibility for a double hit and get a minus point.

Some players try to get away with this foul. Thus, you must make sure to pay attention to them when they are playing strikes if you are playing against them.

How Many Times Can The Ball Bounce In Paddle Tennis?

The ball can only bounce once on the floor before your opposing team can have a chance to return it with their racket. 

Furthermore, the ball must only make one contact with the ground on your padel court’s side.

As a result, if you let the ball bounce twice on your net’s side or your partner can’t hit it back, your team will lose one point immediately. 

The goal of the sport is to smash the ball at a spot on the padel court where it will be challenging for the opposing side to get a return.

However, if you hit the ball too far, the referee will count this hit as out of bound, and your team will lose the point. 

Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Padel
The number of ball bounces

Can Padel Serve Bounce Twice In The Box?

The answer is no! The ball can’t bounce twice in the service box or other parts of your opponent’s ground. 

The server scores a point if the ball makes two bounces on the other team’s court. Before serving in tennis, you raise the ball into the air. However, it would be best if you bounced and hit the ball with an underarm serve in padel. 

A serve that is ruled illegal is called a service fault and happens frequently:

  • The server crosses the service line while serving. 
  • The server hits the ball into the net directly.
  • The server hits the ball out of the opposite diagonal box. 

However, when the ball reaches the opposing box’s line, the referee will still count it in the bound, and the service fault doesn’t occur.

If you want to learn more about the rules of this sport, you can watch this video:

Is It A Dead Ball If The Ball Bounces Twice?

The short answer is yes! If you let the ball bounce twice on your court’s side before hitting it back to the opponent’s side, a fault called a dead ball occurs. 

It’s the two-bounce regulation of racket sports, including padel, to prevent volleying during the first two shots following each serve.

Once you serve the ball, your opponents must allow it to bounce once in their court’s side before returning. Also, your team must let it bounce once before striking it back.

Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Padel
What happens if the ball bounces twice

Can The Ball Bounce More Than Once Before It Is Hit? 

No! You can only let the ball bounce once before hitting it with your racket. 

Letting the ball hit the fencing or wall before it lands on the ground is a foul. However, it’s acceptable to do this after it bounces.

You can make the ball return across the net by hitting it to the wall if it rebounds inside the court on your opponent’s side before it strikes the fence or wall. 

Final Thoughts

Can you hit the ball twice in padel? The short answer is No! It’s against the rules. If you do this, the opposing team will get the point. 

If you and your partner accidentally hit the ball simultaneously, it’s also a foul. 

Therefore, you should learn the fundamental regulations despite their simplicity before participating in a padel match. 

Hopefully, you can enjoy the game with our guides. Thanks for reading!

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