Can You Hit Your Own Fence In Padel? Guides For Beginners

Padel is a combination sport of squash and tennis, but it isn’t as famous as tennis. It is a great racket sport for all players of all levels and ages. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can acquire and master the fundamentals within around one hour and enjoy this game immediately. 

Unlike tennis, padel doesn’t require much technique, strength, and skill. Therefore, all members of your family can play together. 

This racket sport brings numerous health benefits, like reducing stress, improving coordination and flexibility, or strengthening cardiovascular activities.

However, all players should learn the basic rules before entering the match. Can you hit your own fencing padel? 

This article will discuss this commonly asked question, and you can get the exact answer. Let’s scroll down to read!

Can You Hit Your Own Fence In Padel?

The short answer is no! You can’t hit your own fence in this racket sport. If you do this, your opponent will win one point. 

You are only allowed to hit the ball on the glass part of your fence on the padel court. 

These glass sections are along the rear wall and four meters down per side wall.

In general, you can only hit the ball onto the glass wall. This way, your ball will rebound and go onto the net side of your opponent. 

Why may some players want to hit their own fence in this sport? The surface of glass walls is flat, meaning the ball often bounces in an invariant direction when hitting this structure.

However, the surface of the fence isn’t completely flat. Thus, the ball may bounce at inconsistent angles when making contact with these surfaces, making the opponents unable to guess the directions. 

If your opponents can’t predict the exact direction of the ball when it bounces, they can’t prepare for suitable positions, so they can’t get the score.

Hitting your own fence is illegal.
Hitting your own fence is illegal.

Is It Allowed To Hit The Fence In Padel?

It’s hard to answer this question directly. It depends on which fence you strike. As shared earlier, you can’t strike your wall in padel. 

However, it’s possible to target the side of your opponent’s fence. When doing this, you must ensure the ball approaches the floor on that court’s side first. 

Don’t try to smash the fence of your opponent all the time. Below are some situations you can perform this action:

  • When you have control over the ball.
  • When you observe the opponents in an unfavorable court situation.
  • When you get a chance to strike at the net.

Can You Hit The Side Glass In Padel? 

According to the standard regulations, you can strike the ball on your fence’s side glass or even the back glass.

As a rule of thumb, never target on your fence. It’s a foul to strike any wall over the rear glass.

However, although the ball may have already rebounded once, striking the fence or side wall with a serve isn’t licit.

The referee will deem you to commit a foul if you smash the fence immediately after receiving a serve or once the ball makes one bounce.

To put the ball into play properly, you must toss once more. If you commit a fault on the second attempt, your opponent will get one point. Be careful!

If you are a beginner, let’s refer tips and tricks in this video:

It's acceptable to strike the side glass.
It’s acceptable to strike the side glass.

Can You Hit The Grid In Padel? 

If you accidentally or purposely hit the grid of any part with your padel racket or your feet, you will lose one score. 

It means you cannot touch or strike the grid, including its post. Otherwise, your opponents will immediately achieve the score. 

However, reaching over the grid is legitimate without touching it while the ball bounces on your courtside. 

Besides, reaching over the grid is against the rules if the ball doesn’t bounce on your courtside after it travels directly from your counterpart.

Never touch or smash the grid.
Never touch or smash the grid.

Can You Touch The Ball Twice In Padel?

You aren’t allowed to touch the ball twice in padel consecutively. If you do this, the score will go to your opponent. 

In other words, it must fly over the grid, on your counterpart’s courtside, and land in borders whenever you smash the ball. 

This way, your opponent has an opportunity to return the ball. Furthermore, it’s illegitimate to strike the ball for your partner. Only a person can approach the ball when it travels onto the courtside. 

Therefore, before the ball goes over the grid, your team will lose the score if you hit it or your body parts touch it. 

How Many Bounces Are Allowed In Padel? 

If you are a server, you can only let the ball bounce once on the floor before you strike it. Moreover, it would be best to hit it below your waist level. 

If a double bounce occurs in the area of your courtside, your counterpart will win a score. 

Besides, avoid striking the ball at your partner or any part of your body. Also, don’t let it smash the fence before traveling over the grid or moving to your opponent’s court. 

The number of bounces
The number of bounces

The Bottom Line

Can you hit your own fence in padel? No! Hitting the wall in your courtside is illegitimate in this sport. If you try this, your team will lose one point. 

It’s possible to strike the ball on the glass part of your fence on a padel court. 

If you can do this trick, you may get the score because your counterpart won’t guess the ball’s direction and can’t prepare for excellent positions. 

We’ve answered questions regarding some of the rules in this sports game. Hopefully, the guides will help you have a better experience.

If you have other questions about padel regulations, don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information. Thanks for reading, and see you in the following article!

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