Can You Play Single Padel? Different Versions Of Padel

Technically, padel is a doubles sport. But what if your friends can’t show up on the court on time? Can you play single padel

Sports have rules. However, you may break some for some reason, as long as the new rules won’t affect the spirit of the sport. 

This article will give you more ideas about padel singles and doubles. Let’s follow this guide to discover different ways to play this sport! 

Can You Play Single Padel? 

Yes. If you can’t gather three other players, consider playing single padel. Of course, the rule will change a little bit to adjust to the current situation. 

Padel is a four-player sport. Two players stand on one side of the net, competing with the other two on the other side. 

So, if you have only one partner, ask him to be your opponent and enjoy your game. But check the following sections before you go. 

Single padel vs. Normal padel

Unlike normal padel, you just need two players for a single padel match. The rules will be simpler, and you won’t need much space for them. 

In fact, you can still see courts specially designed for single padel. We will discuss this topic deeper in the next section. 

Rules of single padel

There are a few fundamental rules to follow when playing a single padel. 

  • First, there is one player on each side of the net during the game.
  • Second, you can get one bounce before passing the ball to your opponent. 
  • Third, one row only allows for one hit. It means that you have to let your opponent hit the ball before you hit it again. 
  • Lastly, the winner is the player that gets 11 points first.  
You can play single padel with one partner
You can play single padel with one partner

Is Padel A 1v1? 

90% of the padel courts available are for double games because single padel hasn’t become popular yet. However, your game can be 1v1. This experience will bring you several benefits. 

Regarding organization, 1v1 padel will be more straightforward since you don’t have to find three other players. 

It means you will play along on your side and have more chances to play with the ball. Thus, your control and techniques will improve significantly. 

Moreover, the course built for 1v1 padel is smaller. So your opponent can catch your powerful hits easier, making this game more physical than its 2v2 version. 

In contrast, there are still drawbacks if you play 1v1 padel. For example, the atmosphere will be less friendly, and you won’t receive moral support. 

Playing alone on your side will help sharpen your skills. But you will sacrifice one important thing: teamwork. 

Last but not least, you should know how to make your game competitive and exciting. Otherwise, you will get bored quickly. 

1v1 padel has pros and cons
1v1 padel has pros and cons

What Is A Single Padel Court? 

Single padel courts show up to help two players engage in the same without difficulty. If you have limited space, this structure will be a good choice. 

Like traditional padel game regulations, those courts make it simpler to pick a single partner to play with rather than the three.

Single courts look like double ones, but they have different dimensions. For example, while the official course is about ten meters wide, the one for 1v1 games is only six meters wide. Their lengths are the same. 

However, most people choose to play on regulatory courts. It means that you can play a single padel on a court used for a double padel. 

Does Padel Have To Be Doubles? 

No. Although that’s how the game normally works, you can participate in a 1v1 padel if you can’t find enough partners. 

However, people try to play double padel because of the benefits they may have. 

We will compare double vs. single versions of the game so you can tell if playing 2v2 is the best. 

Benefits of playing double padel

First, playing padel with the other three players is what this game technically means at the start. It looks like tennis as you need partners, padel rackets, and a ball to enjoy the fun. 

Padel is also about teamwork. You should work with your partner to defeat your opponents. And the victory will belong to your team. 

Moreover, most courts you see are for double padel. If you play 1v1 on them, you have to move a lot. So, you may become exhausted before finding the winner. 

Finally, padel official tournaments are mostly doubles. Hence, if you intend to participate in those competitions, practice double padel first. 

When should you switch to single padel?

Playing 2v2 padel is good. Yet, due to the benefits you have seen, there are two cases where you choose the 1v1 version:

  • You don’t have enough players. 
  • The space is limited to handle more competitors. 
  • You aim to sharpen your skills before educating yourself about the official rules. 
Play double padel when you can
Play double padel when you can

Differences Between Padel vs. Tennis Singles 

The most noticeable similarity between tennis singles and padel is that the net divides the courts into two sections. Besides, each side has two fields, so you get four areas for each player on the court. 

How about differences? Please check these lines to learn:

  • The padel court is about 30% smaller than the tennis court. Hence, you have less time to respond to every shot and raise your speed to return the ball. 
  • Padel balls have less pressure. Thus, they will be less bouncy. 
  • There is no baseline in the padel court. Instead, it has enclosing walls. 

Differences Between Padel vs. Squash  

Some people confuse squash with padel too. Here are some differences between the two sports:

  • A padel court is about 60% wider than a squash court. 
  • Squash balls are softer and smaller than padel balls. 
  • Squash players spend most of their time at the back half of their court, while padel players tend to play near the net.
  • A mid-wall line in the middle of the squash court makes it easier for you to negotiate. 

Please check this video if you want to learn more about the difference between squash and padel:

Distinguish between padel and other sports
Distinguish between padel and other sports


You can single padel if there aren’t enough four players. This experience will give you a chance to control your game independently. 

Hopefully, we have satisfactorily answered the question, “Can you play single padel?” For any further information, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Thank you for reading!

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