Can You Serve Backhand In Padel? All Beginners Should Know

Padel has been increasingly popular recently. It’s a form of racket sport that combines tennis and squash. 

Like tennis, players use rackets to hit the ball over the net toward the opposing court’s side to achieve the point. 

People opt for this game, among many other racket sports, because it’s straightforward to play together despite their ages and skill levels. 

You don’t need to put too much effort, endurance, and strength into this sport, which makes you more relaxed while participating. 

That said, it’s essential to grasp the basics before participating in a match. Can you serve backhand in padel? 

Luckily! You’ve landed on the right site! This article will address this issue with in-depth explanations. Let’s scroll down!

Can You Serve Backhand In Padel?

The short answer is yes! Serving backhand in padel is acceptable if you ensure your service meets all service rules. 

For example, your feet can’t cross or touch the service line when playing service with a backhand. 

In addition, you must also ensure the ball bounces between waist height and knee within the specified area. 

However, you may ask yourself: Why do some players play a service using the backhand while the forehand is often more robust than the backhand? 

There are many good reasons you should serve backhand in this racket sport. 

Occasionally moving to a backhand serve might alter the match’s tempo and slightly confuse your opponents.

If you have experience playing tennis, you are probably accustomed to playing below the ball using a slice and holding the ball lower across the net.

This tennis technique can help you quickly get used to serving with a backhand.

If you are confident that you can consistently play your backhand well with accurate slice spin, it’s a good idea to consider a backhand serve. 

However, if you are right-handed, it’s better to serve backhand from the left side of the padel court because the ball will be low when it lands on the glass. 

If you are a novice player, it’s advisable to use a regular forehand service, which is much more straightforward.

Can You Serve Backhand In Padel
It’s possible to serve backhand in padel.

What Is An Illegal Serve In Padel?

There are several cases that are illegal in padel, which is called a service fault.

If the server doesn’t follow the serving regulations, like touching the service line or striking the ball on the net, it’s considered a service fault. 

Nevertheless, if the ball bounces on the service line of your opponent’s box, there is no service fault involved. 

Other service flaws in padel exist in addition to these, such as:

  • You miss the ball entirely. 
  • You serve the ball, and it touches your partner.
  • The ball strikes your service area’s wall before moving over the padel net toward your opponent’s team.

Moreover, if you serve the ball improperly and cause your opponent not to hit or delay more than 25 seconds to strike the ball following the completion of the final point, it’s a service fault. 

If you take responsibility for the server, you are allowed to serve if you commit a fault. However, your opponent team receives a point for a double fault, which occurs when you make a second error on your second opportunity.

Can You Serve Backhand In Padel
Service faults

Can You Serve Overhand In Padel Tennis? 

The answer is no! It’s illegal to serve overhand in padel. You are only allowed to play a backhand or underhand in this racket sport. 

According to padel’s rules, players must serve the ball at their waist-level height when hitting it. 

If you play a service with an overhand serve, the ball will be over your waist’s height, which is a fault in serving. 

However, it’s possible to strike overhand after a serve. The overhead smash is the most potent overhand blow.

You’ll produce the maximum force while forehand from the boundary if you use overhand topspin.

Compared to an underhand strike, an overhand hit is simpler to manage in its trajectory.

Overhand smashes are an excellent method to force your opposing team back toward the boundary and far away from the net.

How To Do A Backhand In Padel?

In tennis, you serve a backhand using two hands. However, you mainly do this shot with only one hand in padel. 

You will start the shot behind your left shoulder and end slightly forward on the right side to create a good backhand in padel. 

Additionally, to prepare for this shot, you must rotate your body and feet in the direction the ball may go.

Therefore, if you are a left-handed player, you must turn right. Besides, if you are right-handed, you must turn the other way.

Before playing a backhand service, it’s best first to picture the action you will do in your mind. 

Moving to the other side of the ball when it approaches and beginning to ready your arms can help you get closer to the moment of impact.

Hold your racket using two hands. At the same time, one hand places on the racket handle, and the rest grips the tubular portion between the face and the handle using your fingers. 

When the motion begins, maintain the hold with your dominant hand, strike the ball, and go on without turning your body or completely extending your arm.

Can You Serve Backhand In Padel
Tips for serving backhand

Can You Drop Serve In Padel?

The answer is Yes! You can opt for bouncing the ball or dropping it as a server as long as you ensure it’s at or under your waist level’s height when contacting it with your racket. 

You can consider the following tips when performing a service shot:

  • Always drop or bounce the ball ahead and to one side, which makes you swing freely. 
  • Put the racket behind the head.
  • Make a slightly flat or slice contact with the ball.
  • Always strike the ball at or under the waist height. 
  • After serving, you should always lean forward toward the net.

If you want to improve your serve, you can refer to this video:

The Bottom Line

Can you serve backhand in padel? Yes! If you are the server, you can opt for a backhand or forehand shot if it meets all service rules in this racket sport. 

If you want a perfect backhand for the first time, you can apply the above mentioned tricks.

Moreover, pay special attention to service faults to get the point. Hopefully, our guides are helpful for your game!

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