Can You Touch The Net In Padel? Fundamental Rules Beginners Should Know

Padel is one of the most popular racquet sports. Many people assume it’s similar to tennis. However, these games are not the same. 

While this game isn’t as widespread as tennis, it is well-liked in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. 

Thanks to its simplicity, health benefits, and affordability, people of all skill levels and ages can enjoy this activity. 

Despite its simple rules, it’s better to master fundamentals before participating in this game. Can you touch the net in padel? 

It’s time to read this article to get the explanations and enjoy the match.

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Can You Touch The Net In Padel?

The answer is no! You are not allowed to touch the net in padel with your body parts, racket, or clothing. 

Even when you accidentally touch the net with your shoe toe or T-shirt, your team will lose a point immediately. 

For instance, if you touch the net with your feet or the racket after you have struck a blow, your opponent will get the point instantly. 

It’s against the law if you touch the net post. Your team will receive a demerit point for breaking this rule.

It might be hard to tell when players touch the net. Referees will replay the video to detect the mistake in the World Padel tour. 

It’s challenging to know who fouls in most games because there are no referees or video replays. 

So, sportsmanship is essential in this sport. It means all players should be fair. 

Besides, it would be best to tell your opponent’s team when you touch the net. If two teams cannot agree, it’s best to play a let.

Touching the net is not allowed in padel.
Touching the net is not allowed in padel.

Can You Hit The Mesh In Padel? 

The short answer is no! You can’t hit the ball against the mesh or metallic fence on your side. It’s illegal! If you do this, your opponent will get the point. 

Only underhand serve is permitted. Hit the ball at or below waist height after bouncing it beyond the service line.

Ensure one or two feet on the floor. Also, ensure your serve bounces on the court’s side of your opponent and against the end or side wall.

If you accidentally hit the mesh, it’s a fault. You will receive a service if the ball doesn’t bounce on the padel court more than once before hitting the mesh.

Never hit the mesh
Never hit the mesh

When Can You Reach Over The Net?

Unlike tennis, padel allows players to reach over the net using a racket or an arm when striking the ball as long as they don’t touch the net. 

However, it’s illegal to do this if the ball is from your opposite team or it doesn’t bounce on your court’s side. 

It will be best if you reach over the net when you need to make a rapid shot, especially when your opposing team still recovers from a last strike.

Players can play the ball far from the net side. However, you must ensure the ball bounces on your court’s side. 

If you or your teammate reach over the net for a shot or touch it, your team will lose the point immediately. 

It would help if you strategically placed and time the shots in this racket sport to gain the point. 

Additionally, it’s tricky to master advanced maneuvers like reaching over the net. 

Playing these shots takes much balance and footwork, but you will gradually improve this technique. 

What Happens If You Let Your Racket Touch The Net?

As shared above, touching the net is illegal when playing padel. Thus, if you let your racket hit this part, it’s a foul, and your opponent team will get the point. 

Besides the racket, you can’t touch the net with any object, such as your body parts (arm, back, shoulder, or toe). 

Many players unintentionally rush into the mesh when attempting to rescue a dead ball. You lose points since you violate the rule.

If you want to learn more about the regulations in this racket sport, you can watch this video for more detail:

Can The Ball Hit The Net On Service? 

In this sport, it’s against the rule if you let the ball hit the net on service. It would be best if you carried out the service as follow:

  • The server’s feet must be behind the service line between the court’s side wall and the center service line. 
  • Saying the ball diagonally over the net into the opposing service area would be best. Also, ensure the ball bounces on or inside the line that restricts the serve box. 
  • Players serve on the right side first, followed by those from the other side.
  • The region between the court’s side wall and the centerline, and behind the service line, is where the player must place the ball for bouncing.
  • The server can’t touch the service line or enter the service box. 
  • When attempting to strike the ball, if the player misses, the service is deemed to have been taken.
Can You Touch The Net In Padel
Don’t hit the net on service.

The Bottom Line 

Can you touch the net in padel? No! Using anything (body parts, racket, or clothing) to hit the net in this game is not legal. 

You violate the regulations if you try to do this while rescuing a dead ball. As a result, the opposite team will receive the point. 

Moreover, hitting the metallic fence (mesh) in this racket sport is not legitimate.

That said, it’s acceptable for players to reach your racket or hand over the net as long as they don’t contact it. 

Generally, while it’s simple to master the padel rules, you should learn them carefully to avoid common fouls. 

If you have other concerns about this topic, please comment to let us know. 

Hopefully, this article with our guides will be helpful for you. Thanks for taking the time to follow it. Enjoy your game!

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