How Much Does A Padel Court Cost? Here Is The Correct Answer!

Padel, also called Paddle, is a sport that combines squash and tennis. It is a racket sport incorporating competition, amusement, and social interaction.

Due to the emphasis on strategy over physical power and power, it is the perfect game for players of all skill levels and ages.

This sport is growing popular today; therefore, many enthusiasts prefer to construct a playing arena on their property.

If you are a big fan of padel and practice it every week, you may also want to build this field. You may wonder: ‘How much does a Padel court cost?’

It’s time to dive into this article to seek the answer. Let’s scroll down!

How Much Does A Padel Court Cost? 

A padel court typically costs $45,000. In fact, the cost also may range from $44,3030 – $85,000 due to locations, designs, or weather specifications, etc. 

It’s worth noting that it’s difficult to get definite estimates when estimating the expense of a paddle field, even with extensive research. 

General estimates place the cost range as ranging from $16,000 and $45,000. Some calculations put the price as expensive as $85,000.

The total cost may be steep when upkeep is considered, costing thousands of dollars. Besides, the architectural design (indoors/outdoors) also affects the cost of a playing court. 

Due to its availability year-round, irrespective of the weather conditions, an indoor padel field is an excellent location to play. 

On the other hand, building an outdoor playing court is a good idea. It allows you to have more space to play and get fresh air. 

With the same size and materials, these designs may cost $16,000 – $26,000. 

However, you should prepare to pay significantly more if you desire a field of more outstanding quality.

For instance, employing a qualified builder to construct a World Padel Tour court might cost around $48,000.

The cost can increase if you demand items like professional grass and lighting.

The average cost of padel courts
The average cost of padel courts

Padel Court Prices 

Without a doubt, padel court prices will vary, depending on several factors, including their characteristics. 

For instance, if you want to play in a padel field with a cover, you should expect its price to be much higher than the one without a roof. 

If the field includes a changing room, ancillary services, and benches, the total price you have to pay may exceed the average estimation.

Moreover, the price also depends on the company. Some firms offer lower costs while others come with higher ones. 

In most situations, the price of a playing field ranges from about $17,000 to more than $48,000 – $58,000 for the designs with coverage.

Is A Padel Court Worthwhile? 

The short answer is yes! However, depending on the demand, how much you can earn with this playing field is variable. 

The profits are high if you live in a location with an enormous customer base and can keep the area occupied for most hours.

Assume a player has to pay $10 per hour and plays around 8 hours daily. We have the calculation: 10 x 4 x 8 = $320/day.

Assume VAT is around 22% (approximately $70). It would be best if you subtracted this cost. Eventually, you will gain about $250 net. 

Using the lights during the night will incur expenditures, but the hours might be longer. So let’s suppose this figure is accurate.

If you open your playing field only five days per week, you can still achieve $5,000 net. 

Therefore, the chance of recovering the first investment in 4 or 5 months is an intriguing prospect. 

It's worth investing in this playing field.
It’s worth investing in this playing field.

How Much Space Is Enough For A Padel Court?

Before building a padel field, you must find an available and suitable location to ensure it can accommodate your design. 

20 meters in length by 10 meters in width are the dimensions of a playing court for doubles. A single field has a size of 20 x 10 (meters). 

You should expect a space of at least 11 meters x 21 meters, and remember to include 0.5 meters for each wall. This area is enough to construct a 231m2 double field. 

For a single court, the space should be at least 11 meters x 7 meters, and an extra 0.5 meters for each side. 

Typically, they are the minimal measurements. Spending more area around your design is advisable for a better experience. 

Padel Outdoor court
Outdoor court

How To Build A Padel Court?

Are you looking for guides to build your padel court? Below are practical tips:

  • Calculate the dimensions of your design and choose a space large enough to build and install it. 
  • Build a ceiling as high as possible to prevent the lob from touching the cover. The standard height for indoor courts is 7 meters. 
  • Build a leveled surface instead of a sloping one. The floor should be made of concrete 10 centimeters thick.
  • Always gain all permits before building your playing field to avoid legal problems. 
  • Installing a padel field requires knowledge and experience for the best result. If you are unsure how to construct it, you can hire professionals. 

If you need more guides, this video with detailed tutorials will be helpful:

What Are The Ideal Lighting Requirements For A Padel Court? 

An enjoyable game of padel requires sufficient lighting. The light shouldn’t cause any distractions for the players. Also, it should spread uniformly. 

Depending on your structure (outdoors/indoors), the space, and the building’s capacities, you can use various lighting types for your design. 

A minimum light intensity of 200 Lx and 50 percent uniformity is essential for outdoor arenas.

However, 300 Lx and 50 percent uniformity are the minimal horizontal lighting requirement in indoor spaces.

Padel Court Light requirements
Light requirements

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got the answer to your headache question: How much does a padel court cost? This playing field typically has an average expense of $45,000. 

Investing in this design is worthwhile and relatively safe, but you should be careful, as wrong calculations can destroy your business. 

Thank you for reading!

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