How To Beat Tennis Players In Padel? 3 Tips To Nail The Game

Each sport has specific rules; players must practice particular skills to nail their games. Even two similar sports, like padel and tennis, are no exception. 

For example, if you are a tennis player, you may know how hard it is to play padel. And if you play padel more often, there will be some tips to gain benefits over a tennis player in your padel game. 

So, how to beat tennis players in padel? This article will share your pro tips to pull it off. Tennis players can also learn the best way to improve their padel skills.  

How To Beat Tennis Players In Padel? 

Tennis and padel are two different sports, no matter how similar they look. Hence, tennis players will have difficulty when joining padel. 

As the opponent, you can take advantage of the difference between tennis and padel to win. Here are some tips to achieve this purpose.  

Take advantage of the court size

Padel and tennis are different in their court size and layout. Thus, tennis players must practice on the court until they are more familiar with the area. 

If you compete with tennis players, learn how to take advantage of the court size with those tips:

  • Try to hit the ball off the walls to generate unexpected angles so your opponents can’t return. 
  • The padel court is smaller than the tennis court. Hence, you can play closer to the net to put more pressure on your opponents. 
  • Aim for the corners. Then, your opponent has to move quickly and constantly. His returns will be weaker as a result. 

Focus on your slice shots

The slice shot is a common shot used to change the spin and pace of the ball.

Both padel and tennis players can also employ this technique to lower the ball and keep it out of their opponent’s strike area. 

However, because there are some differences between tennis and padel, tennis players will find it difficult to handle the slice shots in padel. 

For example, the padel court is smaller. Hence, tennis players don’t have enough time to return the shots, unlike how they often perform on the tennis court.  

Use your volleys

Volleys are shots hit near the next to let the ball bounce on the ground. This shot will be difficult for tennis players to handle because they are accustomed to playing from the baseline. 

There are many types of volleys in padel. For example:

  • Punch volleys: You hit the ball with a short backswing and a rapid punch-like motion. 
  • Drop volleys: You hit the ball softly to send it over the next with a steep angle. 
  • Smash volleys: You hit the ball powerfully at a high degree of spin and pace to make an overhead shot.  

Volleys are aggressive shots to finish the points, even when you compete against padel players. However, they require a high level of footwork and reflexes.

So, if you want to gain an advantage, keep practicing and improving day by day.

How to beat tennis players in padel
Three ways to beat tennis players in padel

Differences Between Tennis vs. Padel 

Learning the differences between tennis and padel is important. If you are a padel player who wants to beat tennis players in padel, this section will help you a lot. The same goes for tennis players who intend to try padel. 

Court design

The padel court measures 20m x 10m, while the size of a tennis court is 23.77m x 8.23m. As you can see, padel courts are smaller than tennis courts. 


Padel rackets are smaller and lighter than tennis rackets. Their maximum size and weight are 45.5cm x 26cm and 370g, respectively. 

On the other hand, tennis rackets have a max size of 73.7cm x 31.7cm. They are also heavier, weighing about 397g. 


The padel ball shares the size of the tennis ball. However, the different materials make it softer and have less pressure. As a result, it’s suitable for slower play.  


The scoring system of padel and tennis is quite similar. For example, a set has six games, with four points for each game. 

Nevertheless, the format for scoring is slightly different. More specifically, points in padel are 15, 30, and 40. Meanwhile, we have the “love” score for tennis

Playing style

Padel players stay closer together because of the smaller court size; therefore, they must concentrate on strategy, fast reflexes, and accurate shots. On the other hand, tennis players work more on power and speed for their shots.  

This video will give you more information about the differences between tennis and padel:

How to beat tennis players in padel
Differences between tennis and padel

Tips For Tennis Players Who Want To Try Padel 

Switching from tennis to padel can be challenging. It’s more complicated when the padel players try to beat you with their experience in the game.

So to defend, please follow these tips:

  • Take your time to get more comfortable with the court size and other features of the court. 
  • Padel rackets are smaller and have a shorter handle. As a result, you need to adjust your grip. 
  • Padel demands good footwork. You need to, therefore, be ready to move from side to side during the game. 
  • Learn how to take advantage of the walls, too. They help you create angles and force your opponent to move out of their position. 
  • Practice volleys to put pressure on your opponent. If you don’t perform these shots, they will still do that to you.
How to beat tennis players in padel
Learn how to get started


There are several tips to beat tennis players in padel. They involve using the court size and aggressive shots to gain an advantage. 

The key to success is to learn the difference between padel and tennis first. Then, you will find out the best way to maximize your performance. 

Thank you for reading!

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