How To Build A Padel Court? 6 Factors To Consider Before Installation

Padel is among the most well-liked racket sports worldwide. Almost everyone can participate in the game despite their skill levels, backgrounds, or ages. 

If you and your family regularly play this sport, it’s a good idea to construct a playing field on your property.

How to build a padel court? This article will recommend essential instructions which you can follow to complete your project.

Let’s get started!

What Are Different Types Of Padel Courts? 

Before constructing a padel court, think about the style you want to have. Typically, this structure may come in three types:

Permanent courts

These structures built of steel or aluminum and featuring numerous artificial grass kinds are available in various forms for usage both inside and outdoors.

The back walls of these courts come with glass-and-frame construction. Also, the supplier affects the permanent court’s quality. 

Panoramic courts

Unlike regular playing fields, these courts feature glass walls to provide excellent visibility. Many major tournaments, including the World Padel Tour, are held on these playing fields. 

Portable courts

Non-permanent mobile or portable padel courts are excellent for short-term events or contests. It’s possible to install this playing field on most smooth surfaces if it’s even.

How To Build A Padel Court
Different types of padel courts

How To Build A Padel Court? 

Here are the essential things to keep in mind before building your padel court.


The initial step is finding an available location. You need to ensure that it’s large enough for your structure. 

The courts for doubles often have 20(m) long and 10(m) wide dimensions. Single courts are equal in length but only 6(m) wide.

This racket sport requires a minimum of 11(m) x 21(m) and an extra 0.5(m) on every side. If you build a double playing field, you should have an area of 231(m2).

Each court must have dimensions of at least 11(m) x 7(m) plus an additional 0.5(m). Typically, these dimensions are the minimum. However, it’s best to leave an additional area surrounding the court.

How To Build A Padel Court

Ceiling Height

You must also consider the ceiling height because a lob – among the essential strikes in this sport requires a relatively high ceiling. You may not want to lose the point since your lob shots touch the ceiling of the playing field.

If you build an outdoor court, measuring the ceiling height is unnecessary. However, it’s another story for indoor structures. An indoor court’s ceiling height is typically at least 7(m), but the ideal measurement is 8(m). 


This sport requires an entirely flat playing field. It mustn’t be sloping.

Providers have relatively different suggestions. However, you should ensure that the surface doesn’t have elevations or pits and its thickness is 10(cm). 

If you plan to construct an outdoor court, opting for fast-dry asphalt to dry your structure more quickly after rain is a good idea.


It’s time to decide on the surface of the court’s top layer. Several surface types are available, and each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Padel courts’ synthetic grass should be specifically made to endure extreme wear due to the intense use and limited playing area.

While selecting an artificial grass, you should evaluate the court’s expected usage frequency, maintenance needs, and lifespan.

While determining whether an indoor or outdoor court is appropriate, consider your budget carefully.

How To Build A Padel Court

Building Permits

You cannot build this playing field unless the necessary permits are valid. Otherwise, constructing the structure may be costly.

Construction approval is mandatory if you intend to construct a court around your property or another location. For more information, you should contact your local government.


To get the finest results, installing this structure requires expertise and understanding. It involves establishing the structure, adding sand, installing synthetic turf, and building glass walls. 

A successful result depends on correctly installed synthetic grass, so only specialists should ever perform this task.

As lighting is frequently a factor of installations, arranging the essential electrical sockets and outputs before installation is crucial.

How To Build A Padel Court

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Padel Court? 

The court cost will vary, ranging from $20,000 – $50,000, depending on the configuration, order quantity, and model.

Moreover, the items you install in your playing field also affect the average cost, such as:

  • Normal or panoramic track
  • Quality grass
  • The lighting
  • Smoothing the surface
  • Types of walls

Additionally, the back wall of heavy glass will make up a stable structure. If you can afford this structure, go ahead. 

Lowest quality $20,000
Lower quality $25,000
Median quality $30,000 – $35,000
High quality $40,000 – $45,000
Premium quality $50,000
How To Build A Padel Court
The average cost of the structure


How Much Space Is Needed For A Padel Court?

This playing field area is typically 20(m) long by 10(m) wide, surrounded above the ground.

Is A Padel Court Profitable?

The answer is Yes! If you invest in this structure, you can earn a lot of money, but the amount will vary depending on the demand. 

For instance, if your playing field is occupied within many hours and it is in a place with a vast customer base, the profit you can get will be high. 

How Long Does A Padel Court Last?

A well-constructed and well-maintained court can last approximately 20 years.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Padel Court?

It typically takes five days to install this playing field. However, this procedure may be more extended (15 days) depending on the installation firm’s experience level and your structure’s design. 

Is A Padel Court The Same Size As A Tennis Court?

While these structures are rectangular, a tennis court is often more extensive than a padel court. 

If you are curious about how to build a tennis court, you can watch this video:

Final Thoughts

It’s always essential to consider different factors of a padel court, like the dimensions, ceiling height, flooring, surface, and permits, before building one. 

If you want your structure to last longer, it’s best to consult experts and get professional constructors to complete your project. 

If you are still confused about any aspects, please comment below. We will answer them later. Thank you for reading!

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