How To Count In Padel? All Things You Need To Know

Padel is a type of racket sport that is relatively popular in some countries, such as Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. 

Due to its simple regulations and availability, almost anyone of any age can participate in the match.

However, if you want to get points in the game, you must grasp the fundamentals, including the scoring system. How to count in padel?

This article will discuss this rule and show you some standard scoring systems in this racket sport. Let’s get started!

How To Count In Padel? 

Generally, the format and rules of padel are not much different from other racket sports, like tennis. 

If you have played tennis, you will realize that the scoring systems in padel and tennis are identical. 

A match in padel is often divided into a small competition to win the highest scores of 3 sets, and each set is broken into six games. 


“Game” is considered the tiniest unit in a padel match. The way to count scores in games is the same as in tennis. This process is called ad-scoring or advantage-scoring. 

In advantages-scoring (or ad-scoring), when a player or a team gets four points, they win a game. The values designated to every point include:

  • 0 points = Zero
  • 1 point = 15
  • 2 points = 30
  • 3 points = 40
  • Tied score = All
  • 40 – 40 = Deuce

Like in tennis, one player or team will win the game if they are the first to get 4 points without a tie-break. 

If both teams tie by reaching 40, they are in a case called a “deuce.” At this time, a team member must get the 2nd point to break out a “deuce” and have the “advantage.”

Any person with the advantage will win the game if they score the second point and will be tied if the other player scores a point.

No-Advantage Scoring

Another way to count in padel is “no-ad/no-advantage scoring” like in tennis. 

This scoring way removes each game’s advantage portions and deuce. It means the winner of the game is the person who scores 4 points first.

If a tie happens after 3 points, the scorer will win on the 4th point. It is carried out to render a match shorter.

How To Count In Padel
Counting scores in padel

What Are Scoring Sets In Padel? 

The set is a padel game’s subdivision. If a player or a team wants to win a set, they must successfully win six games. 

If the first team or player can win six games, they win a set, advancing further in the padel match.

However, if there is a tie-break under some circumstances, a set may call for more than 6 games as usual. 

Like other racket sports, team members must win at least 2 games to win a set in padel, like 6 – 4.

In other words, other games will happen if a player or a team may win 6 games but doesn’t have a two-game lead over the opposing team. 

Moreover, a tie-break will occur if there is a tie between the two teams after six games. In the tie-break, if any team or player scores the seventh point, they will win the set.

However, like any game, if the player must have a two-point lead over the opponents, they can be the winner. 

If there is a tie in the tie-break, there will be another tie-break round until a participant or team reaches a 2-point margin.

How To Count In Padel
Scoring sets

What Are Scoring Matches In Padel? 

The player must win the match to win the competition in padel. If any team wins two out of three sets first they will win the match. 

This situation may occur if a team wins two out of three sets first while the opposing team can’t win one. 

If a tie occurs after each set, the third set will happen without a tie-breaker. 

In other words, they will win the match if any team can reach a two-game margin or win six games after a tie between two sides at 6 – 6 (or 5 – 5).

How To Count In Padel
Scoring matches

How Do You Keep The Score In Padel? 

The referee is the person to keep score during competitions. Typically, an electronic board usually displays the result.

During entertaining matches, the server will be the one to keep the score and shout out the score before serving. 

When you are responsible for announcing the score, shout out your team’s score first and then your opposing team’s.

Therefore, it can avoid time wastage and arguments and let everyone know the two teams’ scores before every serving. 

For instance, if you get zero and your opposing side reaches 30, say “Love – 30”. 

In a deuce, if the person serving the ball achieves the advantage, they can speakout “advantage server.” 

If the player receiving the ball has the advantage, they can speak out “advantage returner.”

How Do You Win The Point In Padel? 

You and your team will win the point in this sport in the following situations:

  • Your opposing side strikes the ball into their net. 
  • Your opponents let the ball rebound twice on their playing field area. 
  • Your opposing team hits the ball in their fence. 
  • Your opponents allow the ball to fly out of the playing field. 
  • You have a smash shot on your opponents.
How To Count In Padel
Rules to get the point

How Do You Lose The Point In Padel? 

If you or your partner accidentally commit one of the following fouls, you will lose the point immediately:

  • You let the ball hit the wall before touching your playing field area. However, you can strike the ball into the wall of your side after it bounces.
  • Your team lets the ball rebound twice or more than on your side, even if it’s a service. 
  • The ball hits the net of your side.
  • Your racket hits the ball twice in a strike. 
  • The ball strikes you or your partner.
  • Your team misses two consecutive serving times. 
  • You touch the net with any part of your body or your racket.

If you want to learn more about the rules of this sport, you can watch this video:

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have understood the scoring system in padel and how to count it after reading our article. 

Moreover, pay attention to the abovementioned basic rules to avoid losing points accidentally.

Comment below if you have other questions related to this topic. We will reply to them all as soon as possible!

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