How To Hit The Ball In Padel? Tips To Master This Game!

Padel is a racquet sport that has gained popularity in recent years. It is similar to tennis but with a smaller court and a few different rules.

People often play it in pairs. The purpose is to strike the ball across the net and on the opponent’s side so they can’t return it.

How to hit the ball in Padel? We’ve got your back! Let’s scroll down this post to get practical tricks to improve your game!

What Are The Shot Types In Padel? 

Despite your skill levels, you must understand this sport’s different shot types:

Forehand and Backhand Shots

The forehand and backhand shots are the most basic in Padel. They aim to strike the ball back and forth across the court. 

Players often make the forehand shot with the dominant hand. Meanwhile, they make the backhand one with the non-dominant hand.

To execute a forehand shot, the player moves their racquet across their body and strikes the ball sweepingly. 

Meanwhile, the backhand shot requires the player to use their wrist to generate power and strike the ball.


This shot is also crucial in Padel. The serve shot is to start each point and can be used to put pressure on the opponent. 

There are two Padel serve types: the underhand & the overhand. 

The first type is the most common among Padel players. It involves hitting the ball with an underhand motion. It allows the player to control the ball’s speed and direction. 

Meanwhile, the overhand serve shot is a more advanced shot that requires more skill and practice. It involves hitting the ball overhand, generating more power and speed. Watch this video to improve this shot:

Lob and Smash Shots

The lob and smash shots are two advanced shots used to gain an advantage over the opponent. 

The lob shot strikes the ball high and deep into the opponent’s court, forcing them to move back and creating an opportunity for the player to attack. 

On the other hand, the smash shot is to strike the ball downward with force, which can be difficult for the opponent to return. 

The smash shot requires good timing and coordination. It is often used to finish a point.

Different shots in Padel

How To Hit The Ball In Padel? 

Hitting the ball in Padel can be challenging. You can improve your skills significantly with the following tricks:

Proper Footwork

Among the critical factors in hitting the ball in Padel is proper footwork. The position of your feet will determine the direction and power of your shot. 

When hitting a forehand, your non-dominant foot should be in front of the other. Your weight is on the back foot. 

For a backhand shot, your dominant foot should be in front, with your weight on the back foot. It would be best to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and be on the balls of your feet to allow for quick movement.

Body Positioning

Proper body positioning is also crucial when hitting the ball in Padel. Keep your eyes on the ball and your head level throughout the shot. 

Your body should face the net. Your shoulders should turn toward the direction you want to strike the ball. 

It would be best to keep your arm straight when hitting the ball to create more control and power.

Body positioning

Timing and Contact Point

Another important aspect of hitting the ball in Padel is timing and contact point. 

You want to contact the ball at its bounce’s peak, giving you the most control and power. To do this, you must anticipate the place the ball will bounce. Also, position yourself accordingly. 

The contact point should be in your racquet’s center. Also, you should follow through with your swing to get the most power and accuracy.

Practice Your Swing

Finally, the swing is the most critical part of your shot. A good swing can help you generate power and accuracy. 

When you swing, watch the ball and follow through with your shot. It will help you strike the ball cleanly and with more speed. It’s also essential to practice your swing regularly to develop muscle memory.

Practice your swing

Tips For Improving Your Shot

Improving your shot-making ability in Padel takes time and practice. Below are some tricks to consider:

Practice the Basics

Before you can master the advanced shots, you need to have a strong foundation. Make sure you focus on your footwork, grip, and swing technique. 

These are the building blocks of your game. Before moving to the next level, you must have a solid grip on them.

Work on your Placement

The goal is not always to strike the ball as hard as possible. Instead, place it in a position to make it difficult for your opponent to return. 

Try to strike the ball toward the corners of the court. Alternatively, aim for the middle of the court to create confusion between your opponents.

Use the Walls to Your Advantage

You can use the walls to make impossible shots in other racquet sports. By hitting the ball against the walls, you can create angles your opponent can’t expect. 

Practice hitting the ball against the walls at different angles to get a feel for how it bounces off.

Practical tips


Where Can You Hit The Ball In Padel?

The ball can go anywhere in the opponent’s yard but must not strike the side wall after bouncing. 

How Do I Hit My Forehand Better?

Improving your forehand takes time and practice. Apply these tips to make this shot better:

  • Keep your eye on the ball
  • Use your body
  • Practice regularly

How Do You Power A Swing?

Follow these guidelines:

  • Position yourself correctly: Stand sideways to the net with your non-dominant foot slightly ahead of your dominant foot. 
  • Hold the racket correctly: Your grip should be firm but not too tight, with your wrist slightly cocked. 
  • Focus on the ball: Watch it always and aim for its center.

The Bottom Line

Hitting the ball effectively is among the most essential skills in Padel. Proper footwork, timing, contact point, body positioning, and swing practice are all crucial factors to consider when hitting the ball. 

With practice and focus on these techniques, you can improve your ability to strike the ball and become a better padel player.

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