How To Kick Smash Padel? 4 Essential Tips For Beginners

You may want to try padel if you are a big tennis fan. It’s easy to play with simple regulations and requirements.

Despite simple rules, it’s best to master essential skills and effective strokes, like a smash, to get the point. 

How to kick smash padel? Let’s scroll down this article to discover tips to improve this shot!

What Is A Smash In Padel?

A smash is among the most forceful strokes in padel. It ends a play as the player hits the opposition back with attack shots.

It’s the most error-prone stroke in padel because tennis players or beginners want to strike the ball as powerfully as possible.

Generally, the more force you apply to the ball, the more pleased you are, yet it isn’t always the ideal approach.

You may win a challenging smash stroke if it’s your first time playing this sport.

However, you will lose the game if your opponents know they can get the point by allowing the ball to bounce off the glass.

How To Kick Smash Padel
Smash shot in padel

How To Kick Smash Padel? 

In Papel, every point matters, but doing a Kick-Smash off the field to end a match or score a point is very exciting.

Consider the following guidelines if it’s your first time taking up this sport and playing this shot!

Contact Point Between Your Racket And The Ball

Hitting the ball with topspin causes it to rebound higher than a flat smash. Therefore, your racquet must brush toward the ball for more topspin when you do this shot.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of the area of the ball with which your racket makes contact.

Hit the ball’s left side if you are right-handed and vice versa to receive a kick instead of a slice.

This way, it is much simpler for the ball to fly outside the playing field. Start your practice by becoming more proficient at topspin ball striking.

How To Kick Smash Padel
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Target The Location To Aim The Ball

The location of the ball’s bounce on the rear glass or the court will influence whether it goes over the fence. Ensure the ball is between the net and the service line. 

If you hit the ball too near to the net, it may lose momentum and strike the rear glass first.

On the other hand, if the ball is struck from a farther distance, it won’t rise high enough.

Besides, the ball must bounce off the rear glass about two meters from the wall glass.

Correct Your Posture For A Good Kick-Smash

Your torso should be sideways, your legs close together, and your dominant hand should be pointing away from the opponent.

Your elbow should be comfortable and angled at 90 degrees with your arm before you strike the ball to get more motion without sacrificing power.

Raise your non-dominant hand. This posture should look like when you catch the ball. This way, when you smash, your chest will produce more power.

How To Kick Smash Padel
Correct your posture

Consider How You Hold Your Racket

It would be best to use the handshake or Continental grip when you kick a smash in padel.

It’s acceptable to apply the backhand grip. However, the forehand grip is unsuitable because your hand is too near the racket’s face, which causes fewer movements from the wrists. 

Always ensure that you are utilizing the proper grip; the strength of the smash comes from a relaxed wrist.

What Are The Different Types Of Padel Smash? 

This shot includes many types, as shown below:

  • Topspin smash
  • Flat smash
  • Kick-smash
  • Gancho

Topspin smash

You can perform this stroke when you are at the farther backside wall. You must gently hit the ball if you’re close to the net. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you struck the ball with the head of the racket.

Flat smash

If you want to finish the point, it’s time to do this shot. Aiming for the highest possible ball height to strike the pane at a higher point would be best.

You can watch this video to get a tutorial:

Kick smash

It’s crucial to incorporate side and top rotations into a kick-smash. You must spin the ball towards your back wall gently at a higher point. 

You can employ this shot to hurl the ball off the court.


The player on the playing field’s right side often plays this shot. You may also do this stroke if your opponent lobs over the ground or towards the line.

How To Kick Smash Padel
Different types of smash shots

Why Is This Shot Effective? 

If you master this technique, you can win many more games. However, you should consider a factor called intimidation.

For example, the opponents won’t want to offer a higher lob shot because they realize it can make you kick it out effortlessly. 

Moreover, whether it’s a novice, intermediate, or professional player, predicting when the ball may leave the court is challenging. 

Players won’t likely be able to rush outside and replay it quickly. If that’s the case, you will be in an excellent position to get the point.

Extra Tips To Kick Smash In Padel 

Here are some additional guidelines for a smash shot:

  • Hold your racket considerably below the handle for more kick and wrist snap. 
  • Ensure your wrist is relaxed and get a snap after striking the ball for a more effective bounce.
  • Balance by kicking out the right leg. 
  • Point at the ball with your left arm.
  • To generate greater force when you strike the ball, bend your back.
  • Strength isn’t everything. Anticipation and technique are more crucial.
How To Kick Smash Padel
Extra tips

The Bottom Line

A smash is a tricky shot in padel, but don’t rush yourself! You can master the skill with regular practice.

Hopefully, our guidelines are beneficial for you to perfect your technique.

If you have other tips to improve this challenging stroke, please share them below with other padel enthusiasts. Thanks for reading this post!

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