How To Pick A Padel Racket? An Extensive Guide For Padel Lovers

Nothing affects your performance on the paddle tennis court more than a racket. Picking a suitable racket for your skills significantly improves your result. 

However, the diverse range of padel rackets with multiple brands and features may overwhelm you. In this post, I will instruct you on how to pick a padel racket through simple and straightforward suggestions. 

A high-performance racket is not always the best choice. The critical thing is that you feel comfortable using your padel racket. 

How To Pick A Padel Racket?

Not all paddle rackets are the same. Each product features a distinct design with a particular shape and weight. The padel rackets also vary in materials and sizes. 

They are the critical factors you should consider when choosing a padel racket. 


Padel rackets come in many shapes, such as teardrop, diamond, and square. The most popular form is a teardrop, which is also a suitable choice for beginners. It offers a balance between control and speed.

Teardrop rackets are the most comfortable shape to handle. Diamond-shaped rackets maximize your attacking capacity. It offers less control but gives you higher power in exchange. 

Meanwhile, round rackets are the favorite choice of advanced padel players. It maximizes your precision and maneuverability on the court.

The teardrop shape


A racket is balanced if its weight is distributed more equally between the two ends (the head and the grip). This factor will affect how comfortable you feel with the racket.

A low-balance product is the easiest to handle. It gives you maximum control and security over the balls. Also, low-balance rackets are comfortable to use and carry low risks of injuries. 

Meanwhile, a high-balance racket brings higher speed and power. The setback is that it is uncomfortable to handle. Therefore, high-balance gears are ideal for advanced players with better techniques. 


There are no standard weight limits for paddle rackets. Therefore, you can encounter very lightweight and heavy products on the market. Each category has its unique advantages and setbacks. 

For example, the light padel rackets are more comfortable to hold and consume less stamina. Due to their lightweight, you can handle them efficiently and perform speedy strikes. 

The heavy rackets demand more strength and stamina. Yet, they offer higher power, allowing players to create powerful strikes by applying the same force. 

I recommend choosing the padel racket’s weight based on your physical condition. If you are athletic, a heavier racket is ideal since it maximizes your performance on the court.

More mass equals more power


Padel rackets come with two surface hardness: hard and soft. Typically, padel rackets made of fiberglass have a softer surface. Meanwhile, carbon fiber products feature a stiffer core. 

I recommend soft surfaces for beginner players. A soft texture can deliver higher speeds and reduce vibration when you hit the ball. This feature is critical for new players because it helps you reduce the risks of injuries. 

Meanwhile, hard surfaces are the favorite choice of experienced players. They bring better recoil and power. It means the ball will bounce with more energy when you hit it. 

As a result, the players get better control of the balls and play more satisfyingly. 


How often do you play padel tennis weekly? You should choose a durable racket if it’s more than two or three times. Also, ensure that the product can withstand water and high temperatures if you usually play outdoors. 

Playing Style

Do you love the defensive style or the attacking more? Is your favorite side the left or the right? These factors will make up your playing style. Choosing a suitable racket for your preferences will enhance your performance. 

If you prioritize precision and control, pick a light and soft racket. Meanwhile, a hard product with a higher balance is ideal for attacking. It will help you perform more powerful smashes and volleys.

What is your playing style?


The factors like weight and balance should be determined based on your physical conditions. For example, a heavy adult with an athletic body can handle a heavy and powerful racket. 

Meanwhile, junior players or women are more prone to injuries using this heavy gear. In this case, a low-balance and light racket is the ideal choice. 


You can find many high-quality padel rackets at a reasonable price. Investing in expensive gear is unnecessary if you’ve just started playing the game. Yet, avoid low-quality products because they will deteriorate very quickly.

Your physical conditions matter


The extra information in the following questions will help you pick a padel racket easier. Keep reading to discover more!

Should I Get A Rough Or Smooth Padel Racket?

Padel rackets with smooth surfaces are more suitable for beginners. They can deliver the balls with more speed and absorb more vibrations. Meanwhile, stiff rackets are ideal for experienced players. 

These products bring better recoil and power. They also make your playing experience more satisfying. 

How Durable Are Padel Rackets?

It depends on the product quality and how frequently you play padel tennis. A high-performance racket lasts a few years if you only play once or twice weekly. 

How Do I Know When To Replace My Padel Racket?

It would be best if you replaced or repaired your racket when it shows visible signs of damage, such as tear or wear. Also, rackets with weakened strings will affect your performance.

How Often Should I Change My Racket String?

Experienced players recommend that you change the racket strings at least once a year. If you play a few times a week, the strings will weaken quickly. In this case, you need to replace them more frequently. 

Is Carbon Fiber Paddle Better Than Glass Fiber?

Carbon fiber is standard on premium panel rackets, while glass fiber is prevalent on beginner-friendly products. Carbon fiber is better because it increases stiffness, durability, and extra control. 

Final Thoughts

The best padel racket is the one that suits your playing style and preferences. 

If you are serious about this sport, picking a high-quality racket is a must. It will significantly increase your playing satisfaction and performance on the court. 

Among the mentioned aspects, the racket’s materials, shape, and hardness are the most critical factors. I recommend you experience a wide range of products to pick the most suitable gear for your needs. 

Thank you for reading!

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