How To Play Padel Better? Beginners Start Here!

Padel tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide. This amazing sport has attracted millions of players from many countries. People love padel for its simple nature and the tremendous fun this sport brings. 

Yet, winning a match is the ultimate goal that all padel players aim at. You must possess better skills and experience than your opponents to achieve this goal. 

So, how to play padel better? This post is a must-read for both beginner and intermediate padel players. I will introduce some efficient and straightforward tips to get better at this sport. Let’s get going!

How To Play Padel Better? 

Many beginners think that playing more matches helps them advance fast. Yet, if you play without consciously “practicing”, your improvement is insignificant. 

There are many factors you must focus on to become better at padel tennis. It’s not only the skills and experience. You have to pay attention to your techniques. 

These factors below must be set right from the beginner. Or else it will affect your long-term performance. 

Your Racket And Gear 

Like other sports, high-quality gear can assist you a lot in your panel tennis matches. It’s understandable if you start with some budget-friendly gear.

However, if you want to deliver better performances, investing in higher-quality gear is necessary. 

How To Choose The Right Racket

Many padel players I know tell me that they play much better when switching to a high-quality racket. Also, choosing a suitable racket for your style is essential. 

I recommend you choose a racket made of foam or Eva. These materials are super durable and light. Thus, you can hold the racket comfortably and create fast, powerful strikes. 

Pay Attention To The Racket’s Shape

The perforated surface of your racket is another important factor. It will directly affect how you control and maneuver the ball. There are three main surface shapes: diamond, teardrop, and round. 

A round surface is the best choice for beginners. Yet, you can test all three shapes and pick the one you feel most comfortable using. Also, invest in a racket bag to preserve its quality for longer. 

Replacing an expensive racket will cost you a lot of money. If the grip gets too old, you should have it replaced. 

How To Play Padel Better
You should choose a suitable racket shape

Positioning And Body Posture

Professional padel tennis players have optimal stances and positions. This can bring them the biggest advantage when playing the game. 

You must learn to stand in the right positions and maintain a body posture. Yet, there are two places you should focus on: the court’s back and the net. 

Where Should You Stand On The Court?

When starting the game, you should always stand at the back of the court. It’s also the best position to stand in when your opponents are near the net. It brings you more time to handle the balls and deliver powerful strikes. 

Meanwhile, stand near the net if you are in the attacking mode. This position allows players to return the ball quickly. Its high speed will burn your opponents’ stamina and limit their time. 

The Right Footwork And Knees Posture

Mastering the footwork techniques is a must when you reach the intermediate level. The basic strategy you should learn is the split step. It means that you must always stand on your feet’ balls. 

When your opponent strikes the balls, you should jump up. This technique increases the tension on the calves and prepares you better for a quick move. 

Your knees should be in a slight squat posture for the majority of the time. Bent your knees a little to make your body more agile. This posture allows you to change the posture directly more flexibly.

How To Play Padel Better
Always bend your knees a little

Serving Tips 

Serving is the most basic technique in padel tennis. Yet, it can significantly affect your performance and results. Learning how to serve can give you an edge over the opponents at the start of the play. 

You must always keep your feet behind the service line when serving the ball. Also, don’t raise the ball above your waist and immediately get closer to the net after delivering the serve. 

Other General Tips And Tricks 

You don’t necessarily have to play on the court to get better at padel tennis. There are preparations and practice tips off the court to improve your skills. 

Watch Padel Tennis Videos

You can look for countless videos of professional paddle tennis matches on the Internet. Yet, don’t just watch the pro players playing. You should pay attention to their stance and position for most of the time. 

For example, observe how a pro reacts when the opponents move closer to the net. Where does he strike the ball at different positions? What techniques does he use to counter the opponents’ attacks? 

You will gain more experience from these videos. There are also instructing videos about footwork and serving tips that can extend your capacity. 

Stay Hydrated 

Drinking enough water can make you feel better physically. Hydration helps regulate your body temperature and keep your joints lubricated. As a result, it makes you more agile and resilient on the court. 

Meanwhile, dehydration can increase the risks of injuries and affect your organs’ functions. So, you feel more fatigue and lack of stamina when playing for a long time.

How To Play Padel Better
Keep yourself hydrated

Warm Up Properly

Warming up before any games is a beneficial habit, even for beginner players. 

This practice helps increase your blood flow and heart rate. As a result, more oxygens can reach your muscles and enhance your stamina. 

It also activates the connections between nerves and muscles. Thus, the players can move more effectively and reduce the risks of injuries. 

Use The Walls

Padel tennis is different from tennis or badminton because it has glass walls. Learning how to take advantage of these walls can give you an edge over the other players. 

Play With Better Players 

You can join a padel tennis club or group. It will give you the chance to play with better players and learn from their experience. Joining a club also helps you socialize and establish new friendships. 

How To Play Padel Better
Warm up before you play

Final Thoughts 

Padel tennis gives you tremendous fun and relaxation. Winning a padel game is the best feeling any player wants to achieve. 

What tips do you recommend to get better at this sport? Feel free to share with me and the other readers. Thank you for following this post!

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