How To Repair Padel Racket? Practical Solutions You Should Know

Many factors determine the longevity of your padel racket, such as the material, the storage environment, the frequency of play, and maintenance. 

For instance, your equipment will last longer if you provide proper and regular care. However, the damage is unavoidable, even if it’s high-end gear. 

How to repair padel racket? It’s time to read this article for some equipment fixing guidelines. Let’s get started!

What Are The Cracks A Padel Racket Experiences? 

Your racket may get damaged over time with regular use. Below are some types of cracks it may suffer:

Cosmetic Cracks

This type of crack doesn’t affect your equipment’s performance. It only impacts its appearance. 

If your racket suffers cosmetic damage, its face, core, and frame are still in good condition. 

In other words, you can strike the ball effectively and create good returns. Generally, you don’t need to worry about this damage. 

Chip Cracks & Paint Cracks

These cracks may develop when you bump your equipment on a solid surface or play low shots. 

Don’t worry because these damages are not significant concerns. You can still use it without any repair or replacement. 

Internal Cracks

Unlike the above types, this damage significantly affects your performance while playing padel. 

If your gear experiences this damage, you will see cracks among the holes on its surface. The fiberglass or carbon used to hold it appears split.

Serious Cracks

These damages develop on the racket frame. You will notice the splits cut more profoundly than the above types. 

You can’t keep playing padel with your racket if it has serious scratches. It’s time to invest in new gear, especially if you are about to participate in a professional tournament. 

Cracks On The Gear Frame

If you often play low shots or clash with your teammate, your equipment may have this damage. 

Besides, hitting the glass or fence in the playing field may cause your equipment to appear cracks on its frame.

How To Repair Padel Racket
Different types of cracks

How To Repair Padel Racket? 

It’s possible to repair a padel racket if it’s high-end gear and the cracks are not huge. 

If you have damaged cheap equipment, it’s not worth fixing it due to repair cost. Instead, you should invest in a new one. 

Moreover, depending on what types of cracks your racket has, you should apply the proper method. Keep reading to get tips!

Handle Damages

Cracks may develop on your gear handle due to wear and tear gradually. It’s relatively easy to repair this damage. 

You can solve this problem by using adhesive tape. All you need to do is stick this adhesive to any scuffs or scratches. 

Face Damages

As shared earlier, strong impact or wear and tear may cause this damage to your gear surface. 

These damages are often small cosmetic cracks. Thus, using Epoxy resin to fix them is a good idea. 

However, you must take one more step to perfect the process. Use sanding paper to sand down after filling the scratches for a smooth surface. 

Paint Damages

These damages are also cosmetic cracks that won’t impact your performance. 

Typically, it’s unnecessary to repair these damages. However, apply a paint coat to its surface if you want your gear to look perfect and aesthetic. 

You can get more tips in this video:

How To Repair Padel Racket
Tips to repair the padel racket

How Long Does A Padel Racket Last?

While tennis gear can last several years, padel rackets have a shorter lifespan, around one year, even under optimal circumstances. 

After this time, the rubber may soften and lessen elastic properties because of the constant expansions and contractions when striking the ball. 

As a result, it will reduce your gear performance. In other words, you can’t play padel with this equipment for longer. 

Investing in new equipment to improve the scores and win the game is advisable for effective shots. 

How To Increase The Longevity Of Your Padel Racket? 

Besides buying a good racket, you can consider the following tips to extend its lifespan:

Avoid High Heat

Never store your gear in warm places. The design and style will get damaged by constant exposure to high heat. 

Moreover, your equipment loses its essential properties like elasticity. The foam may change shape, affecting how your gear contacts and returns the ball. 

Avoid Slamming The Equipment On The Ground

You may slam your gear on the ground or into other objects when you win the match. But it will cause damage to your gear, which shortens its longevity. 

Thus, avoid this action as it may lead to cuts, scuffs, scratches, and eventually break. 

Use Superglue For Slight Damages 

You can consider using super glue to fix minor damages on the gear face and frame. If you detect scuffs or scratches on your equipment, repair them immediately to stop them from carving deeper. 

Keep Your Gear Dry

Wiping your equipment to prevent bacteria accumulation and increase its longevity is essential. 

If you accidentally keep your gear in damp areas, it may cause the internal core material to be ruined. 

As a result, it may change your racket responsiveness upon contact and create poor returns. 

Use Protective Strips

It’s a good idea to use protective strips to cover your equipment frame. This way, it can prevent scratches and scuffs that may eventually cause your gear to break.

How To Repair Padel Racket
Tips to increase the gear lifespan

When To Replace Your Padel Racket?

This question has no fixed answer because many factors determine when to replace your equipment. 

The play frequency is the significant factor contributing to how often you change your gear, as shown in the table below:

Frequency Of Play How Often To Change Your Padel Racket
Professional At least 6 times per year
Semi-professional 4 times per year
Amateur (3 to 5 times per week) At least 2 times per year
Recreational (1 to 2 times per week) At least 1 per year


Professional players usually need to switch up their rackets since they compete more frequently or utilize more vigorous blows.

As a result, their equipment, including padel rackets and shoes, soon deteriorates in quality.

On the other hand, your equipment will survive an extended period if you only play for fun and use fewer forceful hits.

However, your gear quality and manufacturing will determine this duration.

How To Repair Padel Racket
Replacement frequency

Final Thoughts

Damages are unavoidable for your racket when playing padel. Depending on the frequency of play and your maintenance, these cracks may be significant or minor. 

Depending on the damage level, you should apply the right solution. Moreover, it would be best to remember tips to increase the lifespan of your gear for better performance. 

Thanks for reading!

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