How To Start A Padel Business? 9 Steps To Success

Starting a padel business is a long-term, challenging project because you will face tons of problems. The only way to succeed is to prepare a detailed plan. 

More specifically, you must deal with your finance, marketing strategies, and project management. Knowledge of padel is also essential. 

So what should you do? This article will show how to start a padel business in nine steps and explain each step in detail. Let’s dive in! 

How To Start A Padel Business?

It’s not easy to set up a facility for padel. Even when you already have experience in this sector, problems can still occur. 

Here are step-by-step instructions for starting a padel business to minimize the risks and maximize your potential. Please note that you want to adjust some of them depending on certain scenarios.  

Conduct research

You can raise your success rate by learning and understanding the preferences and needs of your target market. The insights will help you tailor your services to meet their demands.

While researching the market, you must also analyze your competitors’ pricing plans, marketing methods, services, and other factors. 

Develop a business plan

You may identify your objectives, target audience, and financial estimates with the help of a well-prepared business plan. 

Your plan should also highlight the regulatory and legal standards for establishing a padel business in the area.

How to start a padel business
You need a big plan

Secure funding

Starting and running a business is a significant financial matter. So you must prepare a detailed funding plan. 

There are several ways to secure funding for your padel business, such as:

  • Self-funding: This method involves personal assets or savings. Although it’s risky, you can have complete control over your business. 
  • Loans: Banks and other financial institutions offer business loans. Yet, you should be well aware of the interest rates and terms. 
  • Crowdfunding: You can raise funds for your business on crowdfunding platforms. 
  • Investors: Once you show how potential your business is, venture capitalists and angel investors will be willing to fund your plan. 

Find a location

You need to build numerous padel courts to establish your business. As a result, locations with ample space must be your favorite. 

Aside from the padel courts, parking and other amenities take up space, too. So you must include them while leasing or buying the facility. 

Moreover, make sure your business is easily accessible. You can settle on the best location after researching the market in your area.

How to start a padel business
Find an ideal location for your business

Get permits

Your business needs permits. Here is what you must get so your operation can run legally:  

  • Building permits 

When a padel court doesn’t have a roof, the local government typically counts it as a detachable structure instead of a building. In this scenario, you must cover local taxes. 

However, some regions consider glass and metallic structure constructions. Hence, you need an engineer or architect to carry out the project. 

Depending on the municipality, your outdoor padel court can be a business or commercial activity. You should inform the town hall to get the permits for your operation. 

  • Accessibility

To ensure that your facility adheres to the accessibility, safety, and evacuation standards in an emergency, you must consider the legal distances and spaces. 

Also, accessibility will be crucial for space planning and usage. You can get advice on the current laws from your engineer or architect.

  • Environment 

Many municipalities need licenses for the environment and health. The measures you must take to maintain proper hygiene and protect the environment include the following:

  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Waste treatment
  • Cleaning 

Purchase equipment

To build a padel court, you have to buy or lease equipment, including the following: 

  • Court surface: You can choose different materials for the court surface, such as concrete, artificial turf, asphalt, or synthetic grass. 
  • Court walls: Reinforced glass and mesh fencing are popular choices for building walls. 
  • Net: The net should be 34.6 inches tall in the middle and 36 inches tall on the sides. 
  • Poles: Aluminum and steel are the best choices for the poles. 

This video will help you picture how a padel court is built:

Set up the courts 

After gathering the materials and equipment, you can build padel courts. However, aside from the construction, there are other things to remember. 

  • Lighting

Playing padel at night or in low-light situations needs lighting. So hiring an expert electrician to set up the lighting to give your customers the best experience.  

  • Electricity

Setting up the electricity system is a tricky task that only professionals can handle. Hence, do not leave all electrical installations in the hands of an inexperienced electrician. Saving money now will cost you a lot more later on. 

  • Accessories

Padel courts are the main part of your facility. However, you need extra accessories, such as trash cans, benches, and scoreboards, to complete it.  

Finally, you can’t just set the system up and leave it there. Maintenance will be crucial to run your long-term project. 

Business owners have to upkeep all equipment and installations. Remember to consider which jobs you can do by yourself and which you must hire experts to save your company’s budget. 

Regular and proper maintenance will help keep your facility in good condition. Then, your customers will be satisfied and want to come back.

How to start a padel business
Set up the courts properly

Hire staff

You can’t run your business alone. The bigger your company is, the more staff you need. So hiring experienced employees for each department and position is important. 

But hiring is not the end. You have to manage your operation, train your staff, and keep track of their performance. 

Market your business

You’ll have to advertise your padel business to get clients after it’s in operation. All social media, referral programs, and local advertising can encourage people to learn about your business.

How to start a padel business
Learn how to grow your business


If you want to start a padel business, you must stick to your plan. Success won’t come overnight. So, be patient, devoted, and careful in every step. 

Hopefully, this article will help you with your dream business. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Thank you for reading!

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