How To Warm Up For Padel? 5 Effective Exercises & Routines

The warm-up stage is a critical element of any padel match. Therefore, you should spend at least 30 minutes warming up before entering the court.

Moreover, warm-up exercises are helpful for all players of all skill levels to prevent injuries, enhance blood flow, and boost body temperature.

How to warm up for padel? This article will recommend the best tips.

Let’s check it out immediately!

Why Do You Need To Warm Up For Padel? 

Warming up can bring many benefits for all players before participating in a match, as shown below:

Minimize Stress On Muscles, Joints, & Prevent Injuries

Professionals believe practical warm-up activities 15 minutes before a game can reduce muscular injuries.

Moreover, a study indicates that runners experiencing the warm-up stage before running have fewer injury risks than those who don’t. 

Raise Body Heat

Your body heat rises while you do warm-up exercises, which allows muscles to receive enough oxygen. Moreover, it starts your nervous system’s activity.

While you warm up, your body heats up, which is beneficial for tightening your joints and muscles during the real court game.

Therefore, it sufficiently relaxes the body, lowering your muscular reaction time during matches and resulting in fewer injuries and damage.

Condition The Cardiovascular

Warm-up activities before a padel match can condition your cardiovascular system and improve blood flow thanks to the increased body heat. 

Your active tissues and veins will receive more blood, improving your kidneys’ ability to regulate waste.

As a result, you will gain some health benefits, such as lessening muscle soreness and improving recovery time and tissue health.

How To Warm Up For Padel
Benefits of warming up

How To Warm Up For Padel?

Below are the most effective warm-up exercises you should consider before your padel match. They are suitable for all players of all skill levels. 


A simple aerobic exercise you may apply to begin your warm-up regimen is bouncing and skipping.

These workouts simulate your actions in the game when you attempt to strike or retrieve the padel balls.

You may jump up and down with a rope for approximately one minute while swinging it.

It will increase your body temperature throughout, enhance your balance, and fortify your shoulder and wrist bones.

If you cannot find a jumping rope, you may try rebounding and bouncing instead. Imagine bouncing in time to the rhythm while using your jumping rope.

This simple workout increases your leg and core strength, which you must have for this racket sport.

How To Warm Up For Padel

Arm Swings

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart while lifting your arms sideways and swinging them in a circle.

Other exercises include arm swings, in which your arms are crossed at a 90-degree angle in front and behind you.

This workout stretches your arms, shoulders, and chest, ready you to swing effectively during the padel match.

Pay attention to your posture and breathing. The muscles receive oxygen by standing straight with a tight core and breathing correctly.


If you want another standing exercise, it’s a good idea to consider warming up with the knee-to-chest one. 

To stretch, you must slowly bring your high knees toward your chest while supporting them using both hands.

After 10 seconds, switch between extending your right and left knees, doing three reps on each side.

Your back, legs, hips, knees, and flexibility will all benefit from this preparation.

Keep your initial shape all the time. It entails contracting your abdominal muscles and preserving a vertical posture.

Inchworms Stretching

You may efficiently stretch your entire body by performing the inchworm posture. Here is how to do this exercise:

  • Stand with your feet apart by a shoulder-width
  • Gently bend the knees and lower your upper body
  • Crawl up to a push-up posture
  • Reverse the process

Track your pace carefully. For a full-body stretch, use compressed motions.

Mini Padel Game

A quick game of padel before a competition is a great warm-up activity to get your footwork, strokes, and ball response time in order.

You can do this mini-game with your teammates. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to practice with your opponents. 

Some activities you should perform include:

  • Strike the ball using lesser power to keep it in the air
  • Play regular padel but with the service line
  • Play a complete game on your courtside like an actual match. 

Pay attention to the coordination between your hands and eyes. Additionally, concentrate on how you move around the field and where you stand.

How To Warm Up For Padel
Play a mini game

Recommended Warm-Up Routine For Padel 

You may find it boring to have some warm-up exercises, especially before a recreational game. If so, consider the routine to make your warm-up stage more interesting!

  • Within one minute, perform a more-encompassing warm-up activity, such as skipping, and short-distance running.
  • Integrate knee-to-chest stretching exercises and arm swings for a minute each. 
  • Combine lateral flexion motions and inchworms to stretch your body and improve agility. 
  • Gradually stretch joints (ball-and-socket joints and pivot joints) for one minute.
  • Practice a mini padel game before your match on the playing field with your teammates or opponents with the service lines. 
How To Warm Up For Padel
Warm-up routine for players


What Is The Best Warm-Up For Padel?

This racket sport’s most effective warm-up activities are bouncing, skipping, arm swings, and inchworms. 

Is Playing Padel Healthy?

The short answer is yes! Playing padel is a full-body exercise to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular health, and tone muscles. 

Does Padel Build Muscle?

Yes! It’s a great workout to condition and tone the muscles of the buttocks and legs. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Padel?

Despite simple regulations, you may need around two months to understand fundamentals and control the padel ball.

If you are a beginner, you can watch this video to learn more about this sport’s rules:

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these guidelines on warming up before entering a padel game will be helpful for your performance. 

Moreover, ensure you perform these exercises correctly to get the best results. Besides, having a mini-game before a match and relaxing your body afterward is advisable.  

If you want more tips, please comment below. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your game!

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