Is Padel Good Exercise? The Benefits You Should Know

Padel (also called paddle) is a sport combination of squash and tennis. It is among the most well-liked activities worldwide, especially in Europe. 

The accessibility of padel is one of the key factors contributing to its prominence as among the most beloved hobbies.

People believe this activity offers many other fantastic advantages, some of which we’ve compiled in this article. Is padel good exercise? 

If you consider taking up and adding this sport to your daily workout, it’s best to learn about its health benefits. Let’s scroll down to uncover!

Is Padel Good Exercise?

The answer is Yes! Padel is a beneficial cardiovascular workout for all ages and can improve your sociability, coordination, and mental health. 

Many people prefer playing padel instead of other racket sports because it’s a great low-impact cardiovascular workoutYou’ll need to move quickly back and forth between the sides of the half during a match of 45 minutes. Running improves your peripheral system, heart rate, and exertional endurance while strengthening your cardiovascular health. Playing padel simply takes a few basic racket abilities and is simple to learn. All ability levels and ages of kids and adults may enjoy playing this game. 

Children can participate in the activity because it is less demanding than other sports. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make new friends or strengthen relationships with old ones. You won’t have trouble meeting others who share your enthusiasm for playing padel with its immense popularity. In padel, you get two chances to strike the ball, making it simpler to begin and hold rallies. In other words, athletes will find it easier to become familiar with the sport and practice their abilities for a prolonged period. 

Moreover, frequently playing matches will help you develop hand-eye coordination, one of the game’s essential skills. A lot of the padel’s above advantages work to strengthen and improve mental fitness. According to experts, padel is good for mental health since it releases “happy” hormones and promotes sound sleep.

Padel is good exercise.
Padel is good exercise.

What Muscles Are Used In Padel Tennis?

Various muscles, such as upper limbs, lower limbs, and trunk muscles, must work for excellent coordination and flexibility when playing padel. 

Upper Limbs

  • Shoulders: This muscle group includes trapezoids, rotator cuff, deltoids, and angular and large dentate.
  • Biceps: It is one of the most crucial because it makes the arm’s rotation and flexion during blows easier.
  • Triceps: In other racket sports, it might be challenging to train this muscle group, which promotes forearm extension.

Lower Limbs

  • Quadriceps: Any blow involving the hips travels via the quadriceps. 
  • Glutes: It’s a tough-to-tone muscle that supports the pelvis and rotates the body throughout this activity.
  • Triceps surae: When the body moves quickly, the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles provide support. Additionally, they’ll be helpful when stretching the body for a punch.
  • Hamstring muscles: The semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris are essential for short dashes to the ball.

Trunk Muscles

  • Pectorals: It is an essential muscle throughout the match, whether it’s in serves or balloons.
  • Squats: Abdominal power is critical for fundamental strokes.
Muscles work in the sport.
Muscles work in the sport.

Is Padel Good For Muscle Building?

The good news is yes! Padel is one of the most popular racket sports to build muscle. Therefore, if you are not really into the gym for muscle toning, it’s a good idea to try padel. 

If you want an exercise to add to your regular workout schedule to tone the muscles in your buttons or legs, this activity is the best choice. 

You will find that your limb muscles become more toned with repeated exercise, which will additionally assist you in maintaining a healthy physical condition.

Strength training can help you gain lean muscle, improving your serving power, quickness, and performance.

It's good for muscle building.
It’s good for muscle building.

How Many Calories Are Burned Playing Padel?

The estimated calories will vary depending on each player’s play style, personal physique, activity intensity, and level. 

On average, a 180-pound player can burn about 500 to 1000 calories playing a match for about 90 minutes. 

Let’s take a look at this table to see the estimated calories that a 180-pound can burn:

Duration  Burned calories
5 minutes 61
10 minutes 122
15 minutes 193
30 minutes 366
1 hour 733
2 hours 1466
3 hours 2200
4 hours 2932

Yet, a 150-pound player will burn different calories, as shown below in this table:

Duration  Burned calories
5 minutes 49
10 minutes 98
15 minutes 147
30 minutes 294
1 hour 588
2 hours 1176
3 hours 1764
4 hours 3252

Is Padel A Difficult Sport?

Fundamentally, playing and learning padel is simple. Padel allows for relatively easy ball control thanks to the short-handled racket.

This activity doesn’t require specialized techniques. Therefore even a complete novice may enjoy the game.

Generally, padel is a simple game, but it takes more practice to become an absolute master.

A player needs to be persistent, play frequently, and train to develop their physical condition, tactics, and skill to be a strong player.

Exercises are necessary since they will help you develop your strategic game and provide you with an advantage in your upcoming match.

It's not a tough sport. 
It’s not a tough sport.

Why Is Padel So Much Fun?

Padel is an enjoyable activity, even for novices, which is one of the main reasons it makes for good exercise.

Padel needs less strenuous physical exertion than tennis, racquetball, or squash.

Playing fields using AstroTurf enables more effortless hitting of the ball by slowing it down after it rebounds.

It is far more enjoyable, especially for novices, to have two participants per side of a small playing field enclosed by walls.

If you are a beginner, this video will be helpful for improving your skills:

The Bottom Line

Is padel good exercise? It’s great for cardiovascular and mental health, coordination, and sociability.

Besides, it’s a fun and compelling game. Compared to other racket sports, it is simpler to learn and much more thrilling.

If you want to tone muscles, look no further than this activity. It’s a good idea to add it to your daily workout schedule. 

If you want to know more about padel, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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