Is Padel Good For Weight Loss? The Answer You Need in 2023

Joining some sports is one of the fun and efficient ways to help you lose weight while gaining tremendous health benefits. As padel is becoming more popular as a sport, many people have started to wonder: Is padel good for weight loss?

I will discuss this post’s characteristics and play style to give you a detailed answer. After reading this post, you can confidently play padel and seek more joy with your friends. Now, let’s dwell straight into the post!

Is Padel Good For Weight Loss?

The short answer is Yes. Padel is a fun and energetic sport that can definitely help the player lose weight and burn more calories. 

To achieve healthy weight loss, you must keep your body active and join robust activities. Through movements, your body slowly burns excessive fat and energy. 

Like tennis, football, or table badminton, padel involves a lot of robust movements and constant activities from the players. You have to utilize many of your body muscles, thus burning more calories and fat. 

In the following sections, I will discuss why padel can help you lose weight and how to keep your body shape while practicing this sport. 

It Is An Energy-Burning Sport

When playing padel, the players have to constantly run and move around the court at a fast speed. Besides the leg movements, you have to swing your hand a lot while holding the heavy bracket. 

Through many hours of playing, your body can burn a huge amount of calories and excessive fat in many body parts, including the thigh, abdominal area, and the other core muscles. 

Besides weight loss, padel can strengthen these core muscles and significantly increase your stamina. You can learn to control your breathing better and sweat more, thus improving your health and physical conditions. 

Padel Is Fun And Motivating

While the cardio workout routines are tedious, padel brings you tremendous fun and enjoyment. When playing padel with entertainment, players tend to forget about time and can keep up for many hours without getting fatigued. 

Therefore, you can play padel for many hours a week without getting tired. Meanwhile, it’s hard to seek motivation when following demanding cardio training schedules. 

You can invite your friends and family members to join the sport and aim for fitter body shapes together. It will give you more motivation to keep up with the process while gaining more happiness. 

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Padel? 

As a high-energy sport, padel is particularly beneficial for people with potential cardiovascular diseases. It can strengthen your heart, reduce harmful fat, and reduce the risks of dangerous conditions. 

In addition, playing padel can strengthen many core muscles, including your legs, arms, and back muscles. Meanwhile, the flexibility and stamina of your body also increase in the long run. 

Regarding the mental benefits, padel can help players reduce stress and seek more fun after tiring hours at work. It brings more joy and generates positive energy to help players keep up with their work. 

Lastly, the padel court is where families and friend groups meet. You can have fun with your loved ones, make more friends on the court, and expand your social life better.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Equipment To Play Padel
You Don’t Need A Lot Of Equipment To Play Padel

Is It Hard To Play Padel? 

Padel is easy to start with, but you will need to practice a lot to become good at this sport. It requires excellent eye coordination, speed, and reflection, making many people struggle when playing padel. 

In addition, padel is also physical-demanding as it involves constant movements from core muscles like arms, legs, and backs. Therefore, you should follow some cardio exercises to increase your stamina besides playing padel.

Padel May Be Physical Demanding
Padel May Be Physical Demanding

How Many Calories Can You Burn When Playing Padel? 

The total amount of calories depends on various factors, such as the weight of your body, how active you are during the process, and the playing time. 

For example, suppose your body weight is 150 pounds. If you play for leisure and move around at a moderate speed, the total amount of calories burnt can reach about 330 per hour. 

If you join a competitive match and devote your best to the game, the number can increase to around 440 calories per hour. If you want to track this number accurately, consider using a modern fitness tracking device.  

Why Did Padel Become So Popular? 

The main factor behind padel’s popularity lies in its affordability and high accessibility. You need a small padel court and some essential equipment like paddles and balls to join this fun sport. 

In addition, most padel players play this sport in pairs, giving them a chance to seek more fun with their friends and socialize better. Lastly, the health and fitness benefits this sport brings are undeniable. 

Playing this sport can simultaneously increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility. The fun and happiness it brings can also help players relax after work and reduce stress on their mental health. 

Lastly, the media plays a vital role in spreading the popularity of padel and introducing this sport to more people. Through TV shows, sports events, or movies, more people are motivated to do this sport.

Don’t Forget To Train Your Stamina
Don’t Forget To Train Your Stamina

Final Thoughts

Is padel good for weight loss? Playing padel is one of the most efficient and enjoyable methods to enhance weight loss and get a fitter body shape.

It can burn your body fat and give you tremendous health benefits. However, it would be best if you kept a frequent and consistent practice schedule (at least two times a week) to build up momentum and lose weight faster.

I recommend combining sports with a healthy and balanced diet. It will help you lose weight faster and adopt a healthier living style.

Thank you for reading!

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