Is Padel The Fastest Growing Sport In The World? 4 Reasons For The Growth

Padel lovers have a huge community to share their knowledge, discuss essential skills, and socialize, thanks to the development of this sport. But is padel the fastest-growing sport in the world? 

Padel is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities among sports enthusiasts. This article will tell you how popular it is and why it has become so prevalent. Let’s dive in! 

Is Padel The Fastest-Growing Sport In The World? 

Yes. Regarding racket sales, there are up to 12 million padel players worldwide. Its popularity has expanded worldwide, with Spain and Argentina as the leading countries. Let’s have a quick look at some noticeable information about padel:

  • There are more than six million players in Spain. 
  • There’re 5,300 and 5,000 padel courts in Italy and Argentina, respectively. 
  • Padel is trendy in Sweden, with more than 500,000 players. 
  • Over the last two decades, there have been more than 100 million players worldwide. 
  • Padel is among the most popular sports in many countries, such as the USA, China, India, and many Asian countries. 
  • People search for the term “padel” 968,000 times per month globally.  

Origin of the sport

In 1969, a businessman named Enrique Corcuera invented the padel. Then, in 1974, his friend, Alonso of Hohenlohe, loved it and introduced it to Spain. It was where we had the first professional padel courts. 

In the 1980s, this sport became a phenomenon in Argentina and other South American areas. It continued to grow across those regions, giving it a solid foundation to reach other parts of the world.  

Popularity expansion

After dominating in European and US countries, padel found its way to access Asian countries. India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many Asian nations have designed, constructed, and organized padel courts. 

In 2013, Japan had its first padel court. This event marked the sport’s successful expansion into Asian countries. 

Singapore is another country where paddle players may enjoy open courts. Padel’s growth in Asian nations accelerated in 2014 when Singapore launched the Swiss Club for the sport.

Padel is the fastest-growing sport
Padel is the fastest-growing sport

Why Is Padel Growing So Fast? 

Padel has grown so fast. But what makes it a trend? Aside from benefits for your health, this sport comes with other features that make it outstanding. 

Simple rules

The rules of padel are simple to understand and easy to memorize. If you’ve ever played badminton, tennis, or racquetball, you may start playing padel right away and have fun with it. 

This video will explain the padel rules to help you have a smooth start:

Less physical effort

Padel involves less physical work than other sports like tennis. Being not physically demanding makes it popular among players of all age groups. 

Many parents conclude that padel is perfect for their children since they can start at a young age. Padel balls are more lightweight and smaller than tennis balls, so your kids will strike them easily. 

Moreover, this sport helps improve hand-eye coordination and encourages collaboration. Children love it, and so do adults. 

Social relations

Due to the limited space on the court and the participation of two doubles teams, padel promotes social interaction between players. You can make new friends after every game set.  


The last reason why padel has become so popular is its affordability. Although it is no longer an elite activity, we can still get inexpensive Padel racquets and accessories at reasonable prices.

4 reasons why padel has become so popular
4 reasons why padel has become so popular

Where Is Padel Most Popular?

The two countries that play padel the most are Spain and Argentina. In Spain, padel ranks second, only after football, in popularity. 

With 20,000 padel courts and approximately six million players, Spain has up to 50% of all padel players worldwide.

Although Spain and Argentina are the two largest padel-playing countries, padel has been famous around the world, especially in areas where tennis is a big sport. This sport has grown significantly in France, Italy, Sweden, and Portugal recently.

Spain has the most padel players
Spain has the most padel players

How Big Is The Padel Industry? 

Over 90 countries are playing padel, so the sports industry must be enormous. For example, the padel market size was $198.5 million in 2021. 

This table will show you how experts predict the growth of the padel market size from 2022 to 2028 based on what they observed in 2021. 

Padel Market Report Coverage 
Forecast Period  2022-2028
Base Year 2021
Regional Scope Global
Value In (2021) $198.5 million
Value By (2028) $337.2 million
Growth Rate 8.1%


Is Padel Growing In The USA? 

Although padel is not prevalent in the USA, it has been growing in recent years. There are many places to play padel in the country to adapt to the increasing demand of local people. 

Here are the five states experiencing significant growth in the sport:

  • California: Due to the abundance of courts and temperate climate, California is the top choice for padel players. You can find good padel courts in most major cities of the state, such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. 
  • Florida: Florida’s multiple padel courts and balmy weather make it an ideal destination for padel lovers. 
  • Texas: Padel courts in Dallas, Austin, and Houston have advanced facilities that keep you engaged in your games. 
  • New York: There are many padel courts in this metropolitan area. 
  • Arizona: The scenic landscapes and warm weather in Arizona encourage padel players to come.
Padel is getting more and more popular in the US
Padel is getting more and more popular in the US


What’s the fastest-growing sport? The answer must be padel. It’s easy to understand why padel has gained that much popularity. 

The leading reason is that it has simple rules and doesn’t require much physical effort. Hence, people from all age groups and skills can enjoy the game. 

Thank you for reading!

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