What Is Easier: Tennis Or Padel? Let’s Read to Catch Answer

Tennis and paddling are two popular sports that bring you tremendous joy and happiness. They can also improve your physical condition and help you gain a fitter body shape. 

So, which is easier: tennis or padel? What are the differences between these sports, and which should you choose? I will discuss the features of tennis and padel to bring you a straightforward answer. 

What Is Easier: Tennis Or Padel?

It is easier to play and learn to padel than tennis. Paddles require less physical ability and strength, and it leans more toward technicalities.

Determining the easier sport between tennis and pedal is hard because it depends mainly on your personal skills and abilities. However, each sport has its own difficulty due to some factors. 

Tennis Is More Demanding

You have to possess a higher physical ability to play tennis. This sport demands a combination of physical factors like stamina, endurance, agility, and speed. 

Tennis players should have stronger core muscles like backhand strokes and forehand strokes. Meanwhile, padel features a less physical-demanding and more relaxing play style. 

Padel players play on a significantly smaller court and use softer padel balls. The nets used in padel courts are also smaller than the tennis courts, just reducing the difficulty level. 

It Is Up To You To Decide

Whether a sport is difficult or not depends mainly on the players’ skills and abilities. Some people with better physical conditions may find tennis easier and more enjoyable. 

Some people prefer padel over tennis because it is less physically demanding. The tactical factors of padel may seem easier to learn for beginners.

Therefore, it’s up to your preferences to decide on the more suitable sport. Just pick one that suits your body conditions and preferences. 

Tennis Is More Physical Demanding

Is Tennis More Physical Than Padel?

The answer is yes. Tennis typically requires continuous changes in direction. Fast and accuracy are two critical factors determining the players’ performance.

More specifically, you need to combine the movement of legs and other body parts, including shoulders and arms. Tennis players have to reinforce and master their body movements if they want to dominate the game.

The tennis technique needed to strike the ball and play the service is crucial to winning points. In contrast, your team’s strategies will be more important in the panel and ultimately determine the padel game.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate the physical requirements of a paddle. Since the paddle ball will bounce lower than a tennis ball, you have to hit the ball closer to the ground, which requires high strength and flexibility.

Whichever sport you choose, you need to reinforce your skills and body’ strength to master it. Tennis might need more physical strength than padel, but physical strength is not the key to winning a sports game.

Is It Easy To Learn Padel?

Many people think that it’s easier to learn to paddle than to play tennis. Padel rallies will be considerably longer than tennis rallies.

In a padel match, rallies that last 60 strokes or longer are absolutely common.

A padel game refers to a two-player game, and you can see they play on a court that is third smaller than a tennis game. Therefore, players can cover the playing areas and handle the ball’s trajectories more effectively.

Meanwhile, in a tennis game, you have to handle everything on the side of the court with high strength and flexibility for a single set. 

The Tennis Court Is Larger

Is Padel Scoring The Same As In Tennis?

Tennis and padel have the same scoring system. A game needs at least six games, and the team which wins two sets will win the game. 

Similar to tennis, a game is scored as 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, advantage, deuce, etc. And there is a tie-breaker, like in tennis, if a set ends in a 6/6 draw.

Once the ball is in the game, they need to cross the net and hit the ground to the opponent’s side before reaching the wall. Players can use a volley to hit the ball and send it back to the other courtside. 

You only have one chance to hit the ball, similar to the tennis rule. You need to smash the ball and send it to the other courtside, and other players will try to save it. 

How Is Padel Tennis Different From Tennis? 

Padel tennis features a similar playing style and tactical aspects to tennis. However, there are some significant differences between these two sports you should consider. 

The playing court of the padel is smaller and can be surrounded by walls. Meanwhile, tennis features slightly smaller and heavier balls than padel balls, plus the higher and longer nets. 

These two sports’ scoring systems and rules are different. While a tennis game includes six sets, a padel game typically has between two to four sets. 

In summary, the differences between tennis and padel tennis boil down to the rules, playing conditions, and the size of the court. Therefore, it will lead to distinct playing experiences and strategies. 

Choose The Sport You Like More

May A Tennis Player Play Padel? 

A tennis player can join the padel without any problems. The skills, knowledge, and experience you accumulated when playing tennis are all applicable to padel, and they will help you adapt to the new sport better. 

The playing experiences of playing tennis and playing padel are similar. These two sports require constant movements, agility, and popular tactical moves. 

If you love playing tennis, you will also enjoy playing padel. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, tennis demands more physical ability and stamina since it features heavier balls and larger courts. However, it’s up to your preferences and personal skills to decide. 

I recommend you try both sports to find out which suits your body conditions and preferences better. Just pick the one that brings you the highest joy and happiness. Thank you for reading!

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