Why Is It Called Padel Tennis? Guides To The Origin Of Padel

Padel tennis is a famous game for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Despite its popularity, many people still have no idea about its origin.

Why is it called padel tennis? Is there any difference between padel and paddle? This article is what you need to answer these questions.

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Why Is It Called Padel Tennis? 

The name “padel tennis” is a combination of Pelote Basque and tennis.

The three types of sports share many characteristics, but the padel eliminates difficulties in the two other games. 

What is Pelote Basque?

The term “Basque Pelota” refers to court games played against a wall with a racket, a basket, or even one’s hand. It could feature two teams facing off against each other, divided by a net. 

What is tennis?

Tennis is a sport played between two individuals. We can play in teams too, with two players on each team. Players use a racket to hit the ball around or over a new and into their opponent’s court. 

What is padel tennis?

This sport originates from Mexico as a racket sport, just like tennis. We play it in doubles on enclosed courts that are similar to tennis courts. 

Why do we have this game while tennis and Basque Pelota are already fun?

These two sports demand a lot of physical strength, making them only suitable for adults. Meanwhile, padel is for everyone from all age groups, thanks to its numerous benefits

Moreover, while Basque Pelota is very popular in many countries, especially Spain, its biggest problem is that the ball may end up in the ground of the player’s neighbor. 

To avoid all the inconvenience when enjoying your game, a Mexican businessman named Enrique Corcuera decided to build an enclosed court at his home. That was the first padel tennis court in the world. 

This video will explain padel rules in detail for you:

Padel is a Mexican sport 
Padel is a Mexican sport

What Is The Meaning Of Padel? 

Padel is the English name. In fact, Mr. Enrique Corcuera introduced it in Spanish, which was pádel. 

Over time, this sport has become popular around the world, especially in Latin America, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, and Ecuador. Some Asian countries love padel too. 

These days, when we talk about padel, we refer to a Mexican racket sport played in doubles in an enclosed court. 

Many people confuse padel with tennis and paddle. So we will discuss all of them and their differences in the following sections. 

What Is Padel Called In America? 

Many people assume that paddle tennis is the American name for padel. Yet, they refer to two different sports, and we still use the term “padel” in America. 

Originating in Mexico, padel has expanded quickly. In 1995, The American Padel Association came out, encouraging American people to join this game. 

You can play padel in Miami, New York, and major metropolitan regions in the USA. Smaller towns have courts for padel too.

Padel is popular now in America 
Padel is popular now in America

Is It Called Padel Or Paddle? 

As aforementioned, padel or padel tennis is the right name for this sport. This comparison table will help you distinguish these two disciplines:

Padel Paddle 
Origin 1969 in Mexico 1915 in New York
Popularity  Worldwide, especially in Spain and Latin America Mostly in New York, Florida, and California 
Court size Half size of the tennis court A third of the tennis court
Serve Underhand Underhand
Paddles Thicker Thinner
Balls Low pressure Soft spongy

Paddle is a tennis-inspired game that has been around for more than a century. Compared to tennis, paddle has a smaller court, a lower net, and no double lanes. 

Instead of using a strung racquet, you need a depressurized ball and a solid paddle to play paddle. The court for this game can be doubles or singles, but doubles are dominant.  

Here are some fundamental differences between paddle and padel:

  • Padel is for doubles only. You will score if your opponent fails to return the pedal ball before it bounces twice. Paddle has the same rule, but you can play it doubles or singles. 
  • The court for paddle is smaller than padel. 
  • Padel has gained more popularity. It’s the world’s fastest-growing sport.
Padel is different from paddle
Padel is different from paddle

Fun Facts About Padel

Padel has been around for decades, but these facts will wow you. 

1. Padel is more popular than tennis in some countries. 

In Spain and other countries, padel is more common than tennis. This sport ranks second in Spain’s list of most well-liked sports, only after soccer. 

Furthermore, padel is the sport with the quickest global growth, and its popularity is increasing rapidly. In 2020, there were 450 new padel courts in Sweden with more than 1,000,000 reservations.

Many celebrities love playing padel, too. They can be footballers, actors, and influencers. Their passion for padel has helped it become more popular.  

People have spotted Messi, Neymar, Jurgen Klopp, and David Beckham playing padel. Many of them even promote it on their social networking sites. 

2. There are more than 20 million padel players worldwide. 

Spain has four million players, accounting for 20% of the total. Other players live around the globe, mainly in:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • United Arab Emirates

3. Padel tennis is not an Olympic sport. 

No matter how popular it is, the Olympics haven’t included padel in its disciplines. It needs a certain number of countries with active clubs and players to enter the game.

Three interesting facts about padel
Three interesting facts about padel


Padel is a famous Mexican game that has won many sports lovers’ hearts. If you want to try, learn its rules carefully, and there you go.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you for reading!

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