Why Is It Called Padel? Why Is It Called Padel Tennis?

Padel has become more and more popular as a fun and exciting sport with brand-new rules and interesting gameplay. If you want to take part in this sport, it will help you to learn more about the history and the basis of the padel. 

So, why is it called padel? Why is it called padel tennis? This is an interesting piece of information that even adept padel players may not know. Keep reading this post, and I will show you a detailed answer. 

I will also provide you with more in-depth information about this fun sport to help you understand more about the game and become a better padel player. 

Why Is Padel Called Padel?

Padel was invented by a Mexican man named Enrique Corcuera, who called it “Paddle Corcuera.” Then, the sport was brought to Spain with the name “pádel.”

“Pádel” is a short version of the word “patín,” which means “skate.” Nowadays, there are various variations of this sport with different names like Paddle or Paddle tennis, but the name “padel” remains the most popular.

It’s the media that has made the name “padel” become popular in many regions worldwide, including the United States. Various professional padel competitions and tournaments include the word in their names. 

For example, a Padel tour was established in Spain from 2005 to 2012 with an international Championship league. Then, it was replaced by the  World Paddle Series in 2013, gathering the most capable players worldwide. 

What Does Padel Mean? 

Padel is a sport that features similar traits and playing styles to tennis. It is played on a smaller court surrounded by a wall. The players will hit the ball off to the opponent and score accordingly. 

Your primary mission is to use the racket and hit the ball to the opponent player so they cannot return the ball. Padel is like a combination of Squash and tennis.

Strength is not the most critical factor to a padel player. This sport prioritizes speed, techniques, and agility, especially tactics and techniques. 

Padel is easy to get used to. It is suitable for players of all ages who want to seek more mental and physical health benefits, social interaction, and entertainment. 

You can learn the basics of this sport just in a few hours as a beginner. Your skills in playing padel can increase through practice and training sessions.

A Padel Court
A Padel Court

The Origin Of Padel Sport

The origin of padel revolves around a sport called Platform tennis, which was invented and developed in Mexico. In 1969, a man named Enrique Corcuera used a Squash court to play tennis in his house, which is located in Acapulco. 

This incident was the first milestone for the development of padel tennis. Later on, a Spanish friend of Enrique named Alfonso tried this sport at his house and fell in love with it. 

After receiving the compliment, Alfonso decided to open a Padel club with two small courts in Spain. The club went into operation in 1974 in Marbella (Spain). 

From the original idea of his friend Enrique, Alfonso had integrated some new elements and made some adjustments to make the sport more playable. His invention is also the first version of modern Padel tennis. 

Three years later, an Argentinian friend of Alfonso also fell in love with the sport and decided to bring it to his country. Meanwhile, it took around 25 years to make padel tennis popular across Spain’s territory. 

What Is The Name Of A Padel In America? 

Padel has a lot of names in America, typically Paddle tennis, pickleball, or just a short name, “padel.” However, these names don’t always refer to the same sport played in Spain. 

The popularity of Padel tennis (a combination of Squash and tennis) in the United States is increasing. However, it is still far from popular sports like tennis or basketball. 

Therefore, many US citizens can mistake Padel for some kind of ping-pong ball played in-door. However, this sport has gained much more popularity in recent years with numerous featuring times in the media. 

If you live in a big city in the US, there are various paddle locations and courts scattered in the area. Your friends and family members may also have heard about this fun sport.

Padel Originated In Mexico
Padel Originated In Mexico

In Which Countries Is Padel Most Popular?

Though Padel originated from Mexico, it was introduced to the crowd by a Spanish man named Alphonso in his country.

For this reason, Padel is the most popular in Spain and nearby Latin-speaking countries (Chile, Mexico, and Argentina). Nowadays, Padel is popular throughout the world, including in the US, European countries, and Asian territories. 

However, the highest number of Padel players is from Spain. In this country, people love Padel and view it as one of the most popular sports. 

There are more than 20 thousand padel courts in this country, making Padel the second most popular sport in Spain. Regarding the United Kingdom, there are an estimated 6000 padel players across the country. 

Nowadays, many famous players and celebrities from other sports also play Padel. The number is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years as Padel is becoming a phenomenon.

Padel Is Popular Around The World
Padel Is Popular Around The World

Final Thoughts

The name “padel” comes from a Mexican word named “pádel,” which is used by the Mexicans who invented this sport. 

The inventor of the Padel is Enrique Corcuera, who laid the foundation for this popular sport in his home in 1969. Nowadays, the sport has become much more popular and favored by many people around the world. 

Padel is also known as paddle or Padel-Tennis, which indicates a tennis-like sport played on a platform court. I hope you are satisfied with this answer.

Thank you for reading!

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