Why Is Padel So Popular? 5 Reasons You Should Know

Over the past few years, Padel has become incredibly popular. However, not everyone knows exactly what it is. 

This activity is a combination of tennis and squash. That said, it doesn’t require many specialized skills or techniques.

It is among the sports with the fastest growth in many countries, such as Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, and Sweden.

Why is Padel so popular? This article will walk you through the various elements contributing to this sport’s popularity throughout the globe.

Let’s read it to discover!

Why Is Padel So Popular? 

Padel is among the most well-liked and popular because it’s easy, fun, social, and affordable to learn and play. Besides, it brings various health benefits. 

Let’s keep reading to know the reasons!

#1. It’s easy.

Padel is relatively easy to learn, and the skill is not difficult. Participants of all skill levels may enjoy themselves and compete in rallies with each other.

People may still enter the court and play an enjoyable game even if they are unfamiliar with all rules.

In other words, you can still enjoy yourself even if you’ve never watched or participated in the game.

#2. It’s fun. 

It’s entertaining to play this game! Players of all levels and ages may enjoy a great time with family and friends on the court.

Beginners may begin playing in a few minutes and can play for hours, no matter their skill level, because of its reasonably low entrance barrier.

#3. It’s social. 

This activity is a social game! That’s because two players play in doubles on each team. 

You must collaborate to ensure that you and your partner are improving the play style to complement each other.

#4. It’s affordable. 

It’s not expensive to play Padel. The equipment you use for this activity is more cost-effective than many other racket sports. 

You won’t spend too much money on a good racket. Also, it will stay in excellent condition for many years before replacement.

Moreover, renting a court or participating in a club doesn’t cost much. 

#5. It brings various health benefits.

It’s a good idea to add this activity to your daily workout schedule.

It’s a great cardiovascular exercise as you must run around the field and swing the racket during the match.

Why Is Padel So Popular
The primary reasons

When Did Padel Start To Gain Popularity?

As shared earlier, Padel is one of the quickest-growing racket sports worldwide, especially in this century. 

In the 1960s, this sport originated in Mexico and has expanded significantly over the United States and Latin America.

Spain is where this game first appeared in Europe. You can mostly find a playing field in every town in this country. 

Over the past 25 years, this sport has experienced significant growth. According to statistics from the previous year, there are more than 4000 clubs and over ten million players worldwide.

Where Is Padel The Most Popular? 

Padel is considerably popular in several countries around the world. Here are some places where people play this sport the most!

#1. Spain

People believe that Spain is Padel’s motherland. In this country, it is the second most popular sport after soccer.

#2. Argentina

Padel’s history in Argentina is linked to a Mexican entrepreneur named Enrique Corcuera.

Besides, Argentina is a sports-loving nation that has managed to keep its passion for the game alive despite severe economic difficulties.

#3. United States

Although this sport didn’t get widespread acceptance until the late 1990s, it has gained popularity since then and is popular in Texas, Florida, and California.

#4. Mexico

Enrique Corcuera, the creator of this game, was born in Mexico, and as a result, Mexico has had an enormous influence on the growth of this sport.

#5. United Kingdom

Padel is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, where participation has increased by 75 percent recently.

Why Is Padel So Popular
The places where padel is popular

Why Is Padel The Best Sport? 

There are many good reasons people prefer Padel to other racket sports. Below are some explanations you should know!

#1. Simple rules

This activity combines many other sports, such as squash, badminton, and tennis, to make dynamic matches. 

Nevertheless, you will find all rules simple! You can play this game immediately after about 20 minutes. 

#2. Simple scoring system

Tennis-style scoring is used in this game for both genders, and the best-of-three-sets format is frequently used to decide the winner. You must win six games to win a round and two sets to win the match. 

Therefore, you can spend more time enjoying the game and less worrying about managing complicated scores.

#3. You can play it all year round. 

You can play on an outdoor court in summer and on an indoor one in winter. It means you can enjoy this game all year round despite the bad weather. 

#4. It improves mental health. 

Besides physical benefits, playing this activity can help you improve mental alertness and critical thinking by creating brain connections.

Moreover, it regulates serotonin to improve your appetite and sleep. 

What Makes Padel Addictive?

If it’s your first time watching or playing this game, you must ask yourself: Why is Padel so addictive?

That’s because it’s easy to learn the rules. Also, it is suitable for all ages and all skill levels.

You don’t need to master technical regulations or reach a specific age range to enjoy this game. 

Furthermore, you can’t stop playing this game once you try it. You will find it exciting and relaxing when practicing it with your partners. 

When you want to improve your skills, you will keep playing and joining many lessons and tournaments, which makes this sport increasingly popular. 

If you want some tips to boost your skills, let’s watch this video:

Why Is Padel So Popular
Padel is an addictive sport.

Final Thoughts

Why is Padel so popular? That’s because it’s easy, social, fun, and cost-effective to learn and play. 

It’s a good activity for your daily workout routine thanks to these health benefits. 

Wait no longer! Go out and play this game with your family and friends this weekend. Hopefully, you will have a good time with your beloved.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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